Here are the how the way of conducting examination changes .The method of online examination helps to fully automate the previous mode of manual process of taking the exam.

How technology changes the way of condunting examination

The term examination is not unknown to anyone. Many students are irritated by the words of the exam because their exam mentality is very bad, they may not be aware of the importance of the exam.


Usually, students take oral and written tests in their schools / colleges. Their misconception is that the exam is not necessary but if they try to think in a detailed positive way at that time then they can understand the benefits of the exam.


Today we are trying to change the attitude of the exam regarding the importance of the exam and why an exam is necessary.

It examines the skills and knowledge of the candidate and helps to evaluate. Although offline and online modes are available, nowadays online exams are more preferred.

The online examination method successfully hunts to measure exam contenders through a fully automated method that not only leaves valuable time, but also results fast. This method of online examination helps to fully automate the previous mode of manual process of taking the exam.

Typically this can be accomplished using web-aided online examination software or through an intranet version. This largely removes the need for monitoring during examination. The full set of instructions has landed on the exam.

Necessity of examination

With the increase in the number of students appearing for exams for universities, educational institutions, coaching institutes, a scalable approach is needed in terms of managing the examination system in an efficient manner.

The traditional examination process involves several logical activities and manual intervention. This can be improved with the help of technology.

Examination process in India

 Exam Paper Distribution: Recently there was news in the newspaper about leaking of the examination paper before the actual examination due to which the entire exam was canceled on one of the university exams.

Technology can help students change the way they conduct exams for traditional paper-based exams.

Here are the changes occurred in recent years in old examination process

Revolution in a old examination processes

Administrative and logical

The offline  process of conducting examinations and taking the relevant scripts to the respective marking centers / places is not only time consuming, but also requires resources of important people at various levels. This increases costs and efforts, increasing the likelihood of errors / loss / damage.

Reputed Damage 

Various scams and allegations attract widespread media attention that causes reputational damage to the institution and thus undermines its credibility in the eyes of future candidates. It is a worldwide scenario in which hundreds of legal cases are filed by students for being awarded wrong grades or ranks.

 Time investment

The design, administration and evaluation of a test are time consuming activities for all related activities from student to teachers. The use of an online examination system allows a reduction in the time required for the analysis process. The reason for this is that features like inserting and exporting questions, easy access to student exams and batch-wise assessment allow students and teachers to save valuable time, which is usually spent on non-primary tasks And instead to establish those resources and evaluate students' educational progress.

Increase security and privacy

A final benefit of the online examination system is that it increases student privacy and improves how secure the entire process is for all stakeholders involved. For example, there may be no wrong or unsolicited activities within the system, because malicious elements have no opportunity to steer the system and produce incorrect responses or consequences, cheating or engaging in any other unethical practices.

Students often earn results that keep their reputation confidential among peers and encourage positive development rather than harmful and pointless counterparty. Such security and privacy may seem unnecessary, but for both students and teachers alike, it actually provides a safer and more positive approach to the entire examination process. Promoting such mentality is in the interest of the educational institution.

Environmentally friendly

Outside the gate, an online exam system minimizes the negative impact of traditional pen and paper exams on the environment. There is a huge reduction in the use of paper and paper wastage is also banned. In a world where students will graduate to the environmental crisis caused by climate change, this type of environmentally friendly initiative and forward thinking is critical to everyday processes. Students will follow these values ​​during their education and contribute towards the environment

Eliminates labor costs

The sheer amount of resources that can be used to set up an online exam is mind-blowing - from the teachers who set the exam, ensuring that enough copies of the exam question paper are made for all students. The use of an online examination system eliminates many of these procedures and associated labor costs, directly affecting the bottom line of the educational institution implementing the system and the enormous savings of money.



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