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How to apply for OCI Card ?

This article has information about How to apply for OCI card? Documents required for OCI card and procedure is involved in this article. Can we apply for OCI card online? Here is all the information you need to know about OCI card.

• What is an OCI card ?
Most of us have heard about dual citizenship. It refers to a person who has rights and obligations of two countries at the same time. Different countries have different laws regarding Dual Citizenship. Some countries grant the permission for it while others have a modified concept with some restrictions. In India, the government had passed a bill (in 2000) on OCI, a concept based on dual internship.
• How to apply for OCI card? 
OCI card application can only be done on online government site. The Official website where you can fill the form is 
• What are the documents required for OCI card application?
Below given is the list of the documents that you would require for the application process.
• OCI application form (part A and B)
• Passport size photograph of the applicant
• Original passport of the foreign country that the applicant belongs to

What is the fess structure of OCI?

 Before we jump into the structure, let us focus on some of the key pointers that you should know before submitting fees.

  • CKGS that is Cox and Kings global service USA LLC is the right and the only station for payment.
  • Once the applicant has submitted the original passport, the fees cannot be refunded.
  • You can also make a single payment even if the OCI application is for the whole family.
  • The OCI authority does not accept personal checks
  • Your application might get rejected if your payment is not completed or is delayed.
  • If due to any circumstances your OCI application is withdrawn, no refund of fees will be made.
  • Is there a timeline for the application of OCI?

    OCI does not have any strict timeline. After you have a submitted the documents, the authorities roughly take two months to verify them. They would further take 3 to 4 months for approving and making a final decision. In another three months your passport would be reviewed by consulate. After this you would finally receive your passport with the attested application of OCI.

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