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Is it possible to get Dual Citizenship for India ?

This article has information about Dual citizenship in India. How can you apply for dual citizenship in India? Can Indians get dual citizenship? All the queries are covered in this article.

Settling abroad is not an easy job. People have to face many problems, answer several questions and clear innumerable doubts. One of the most common topics of confusion is Indian dual citizenship. The question of whether India allows dual citizenship, rings up every mind. Therefore, this article is completely based on ‘Can Indians get dual citizenship?’

Let us begin with a simple question?

What is dual citizenship?

As understood by the term itself, dual citizenship refers to a person who has the rights of citizenship of two countries at the same time. It often arises as a matter of law. Such people have duties towards both the countries. Dual membership is advantages as it provides easy residency in multiple countries and access to many government programs as well. Yet there are many legal considerations that can add to your problems (Sometimes).

Let us understand this concept better with an example. Hypothetically you have dual citizenship . So you will be entitled to all the rights of both the countries. But you will also have to perform all the duties that you are liable to, of the same countries. This would include tax payment, residency duties, obligations towards homeland etc.

Does India allow dual citizenship?

In simple worlds, India does not allow Dual Citizenship. But again this completely does not depend upon India. It also depends on the other country’s policy. For example if you are a citizen of India by default and you want a citizenship of Singapore, the decision would depend on the latter country.

The Indian policy regarding Dual Citizenship is a bit different. India follows a concept of OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India) Vs Dual Citizenship.

What is OCI ?

OCI (overseas citizenship of India) refers to an immigration status which gives the permission to a foreign citizen (but of Indian origin) to live in India. This concept is based on Dual Citizenship, where the Indian government has built up the law to grant OCI.

Who can get an OCI

People of Indian origin are granted OCI as long as their home country does not have a problem with it. So, Indians who have migrated and have acquired citizenship of a foreign country are granted with the above mentioned. As an OCI holder they are eligible to live in India indefinitely. Yet this law is not applicable for citizens for Pakistan and Bangladesh.  A bill was passed by India ( in year 2000) which stated that OCI is not open to all the people of Indian origin. It can be  only granted to people who were from specific countries which are in the approved list and granted case by case .

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