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How To Become A Full-Stack Python Developer?

Let’s first understand what a full-stack Python developer is. Full-stack developers have the full knowledge of all the frameworks, and methods of development in the stack used by a development company.

This generally means that the developer is skilled enough to build a whole website or software by themselves. A full-stack Python developer will know how to develop the front-end, the back-end, and all the things related to that. They also have the designing knowledge and they can make sure that database, security, and all other aspects of a software or website development services  are taken care of.

These developers are assets as they can work single-handedly for a development company. Companies should hire full stack developer instead of hiring multiple developers for different roles.

Why Python?

Some people who want to become full-stack developers might have a question: do they really need to learn Python? The answer to that will be - yes. The reasons are many: the first one is that it is the fastest-growing programming language and one of the easiest to learn as well. Though it is easy to become a Python developer, it is not that easy to become a full-stack Python developer. The developer needs to know how to develop the server-side, the client-side, the bridge between them, the UI/UX, and everything around it. Python is more readable than C, C++, Java, and all other languages. This is the reason why programming with Python is also considered very efficient.

Given below are some reasons why people who want to work at a full-stack development company should learn Python first:

  • Super easy to learn
  • The developer doesn’t need to write much code
  • Great for people who are not familiar with other programming languages
  • It is flexible, which means that programmers can easily implement what they think using Python
  • A big community for support with strong resources that make development easy and fun

How Can One Become A Full-Stack Python Developer?

No matter how easy it looks in this article, it actually is not. It involves a lot of struggle and requires a great amount of dedication and patience. There are many things to learn and perfect. Many developers get tired or bored after some and end up becoming half-stack developers that are not in demand. Half is never required, either one should know everything perfectly or know just one and know it well. That is why people need to be focused on their goals and work dedicatedly.

Mentioned below are the tools that a developer has to know and have command on if they want to become a full-stack developer. Following are the tools that a full stack development company wants in their full-stack developer:

  • Development Environment
    • IDE

There are some Python-specific development environments. These make it really easy to code for website development services and web software companies. These are preferred more than the text editors. The reason for this is that they provide more functions and features to developers. Some examples of these environments are PyCharm, PyDev, Jupyter Notebook, etc.

  • Text Editors

This is where developers write their code. Here, code is written, compiled, and executed as well. IDEs do have their own text editors but these text editors do not have their own IDE. These are open-source editors and they are constantly getting better from community inputs. Some examples of text editors are Atom, Vim, Visual Basic Code, etc. There is one paid text editor named Komodo.

  • Database And Technologies Related To IT

It is really important to have knowledge of DBMS and all the technologies related to it.  The database is one of the most important parts of any website or any software that is developed in the real world. It needs to be reliable, should have all the relevant features, and should be easy to recover with great security features. To be able to understand and execute all of this, a developer needs to have deep knowledge of DBMS and the below-mentioned technologies around it:

  • NoSQL
  • Web Development And Design

There are many frameworks and other technologies that a developer needs to know. These things are important for companies when they hire full-stack programmer. These technologies make a website or a program detailed, easy to code, and better in terms of quality. These are the things that also decide how a website will look and behave to users. Having said that, it is important that people who want to become Python full-stack developers learn all the below-mentioned frameworks:

  • Template Engine
  • Frameworks
  • APIs
  • CSS Framework


Development is one of the fastest-growing career options and Python development will be at the top of it. Full-stack Python development is already getting a lot of hype and companies are looking to hire full stack developer. People need to learn at least the technologies and frameworks that have been mentioned above to be able to find a place in the industries. They will need to continue learning them even after they get there to keep their positions and keep growing.

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