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How To Choose Amongst the Best Mattress Brand?

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It's one of the most difficult decisions to make that which mattress brand is best in India. Whether you buy the mattress online or offline, i.e., at a retail store, you might have always wondered how to choose the best bed mattress available that is perfect for you. If you are purchasing the mattress offline, the sales guy at the store will pitch with typical "sales terms" that neither a customer nor he would understand. He most probably wouldn't know anything about the materials and processes used in the mattress manufacture. Thus, buying a mattress online is a better option because here you get to read about the reviews of the mattress, and there is also detailed information about the mattress, i.e., which type of mattress it is? What type of materials is used in it, etc.

Thus, you need to identify the right and the best mattress In India for you. For that, you should first know about various types of mattresses available in the market. Best brands offer types of mattresses that not only provide a comfortable sleep to you but are also orthopedically good for your body.

What you should look for in a mattress.

• Mattress types and materials

The type of mattress and its material you require to purchase a mattress will depend on many factors, such as your preferred sleeping position, your ideal firmness, where your body requires the most support, your comfort level, and your budget.

An innerspring mattress is perceived as a 'luxury' and the most comfortable mattress. This mattress is usually made from a base of coils topped with a thin layer of foam. These foam and coil mattresses generally have good ventilation, a blend of support and contouring, and minimal motion transfer.

• Pressure relief

Pressure relief is one of the important features to look for in some of the best mattress in India because your needs are primarily dependent on your sleeping position. You should also ensure that mattress offers sufficient support and eliminates pressure points while you sleep.

If you are Side sleepers, you would love to sleep on a thick memory foam mattress because this material contours to the body to provide extra support for shoulders and hips. If you are Back sleepers, you would look for a comfortable mattress that contours to their back, supports their midsection, and keeps their spine aligned.

• A medium-firm mattress is best

Medium-firm memory foam mattresses are one of the best mattress in India and the most featured when searching for the best online mattress. Beds produced by the top mattress brands don't produce heat when you sleep on it if the cells of the foam are open enough to make it breathable. Technically, it is dependent on the mattress manufacturer to decide upon the cell size and define breathability. Look for good mattress brands who use this technique when researching for the best online mattress.

• Warranty

While purchasing a new mattress, you have to consider many factors as it involves a big investment, not only financially but also considering the amount of time you'll be using. Usually, a person spends one-third of his life in bed, so you need to select your mattress wisely. As there are many mattress brands available in the market, most mattress brands offer a 10-year warranty or similar. So you need to make sure you read the fine print on your warranty to know exactly what is covered.

Winding Up

Now, if you are looking for some of the best mattress brands in India from an online mattress store India visit They will offer you some of the best mattress in India in your budget.

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