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How to Choose The Best Pizza POS System

Pizza is so popular in America, and many people are ordering pizza in a span of an hour. However, operating a pizzeria is not the same as running any other restaurant. A pizza POS system, in particular, must be able to handle complex order customization, provide excellent delivery management, seamlessly online ordering, and manage coupons.

Before choosing the best pizzeria point of sale, here are the five features you need to remember. 

1. Fast Operation

You can process and produce further orders with an intuitive POS system that combines online, phone, and in-house orders. Look for a pizzeria POS device that includes caller ID, auto address completion, last order recall, and real-time menu management, so you can sync notifications from your in-house menu to your online menu automatically.

2. You Need Support

When the system crashed, your employee doesn't have an idea how to make it. A pizza delivery POS system must have customer service available in the United States 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Daily, automated updates should be included in the software, and updates should ideally be sensitive to feedback from business owners.

Your pizzeria point of sale seller must provide this service to help clients in terms of this problem.

3. You Want Restaurant Marketing

Customers who buy from you, again and again, equal a profitable company. Repeat customers account for 20% of a pizzeria's business on average, but a loyalty program will increase that number by 35 to 45 percent. According to a Bain & Co. report, increasing repeat visits by 5% will increase income by 25 to 95 percent.

A successful pizzeria POS should have an integrated loyalty program that provides targeted deals based on customer purchasing history, allows customers to link rewards directly to their credit card, and allows for automatic texts, emails, and coupons.

4. Streamlined Inventory and Reporting 

To cut costs over time, look for a pizza restaurant POS system that allows you to monitor inventory accurately and increase portioning performance. You will able to see products that are dragging down earnings if you can see them. Comprehensive reporting that allows you to sift through data to see what's selling, what's not, and where your profit margins are the highest is essential for better understanding your market.

5. Payroll and Employee Management

A successful pizza delivery point-of-sale system can include accurate reports on employee hours and productivity. This helps you to determine when to hire more people or cut back, the delivery drivers and front-of-house employees are the most efficient, and which employees need additional training or discipline.


Three Benefits Of An Excellent Pizza POS System

Pizza shops, especially those that sell by the slice, appear to outsiders to be the simplest food establishments to operate. However, those in the know understand that these seemingly straightforward restaurants have some of the most complicated needs – requirements that a pizza POS system can meet.

1. Fast Delivery

Whatever those frozen pizza advertisements say, there's nothing like having a hot pizza delivered to your door in less than 30 minutes. Years ago, fast service and high-quality food became one of the most important and lucrative value propositions for pizza chains, but smaller operations struggled to compete.

Thanks to automated delivery updates for customers, GPS and customer details for drivers, and methods to update orders as "full" in real-time, even the smallest shops can now give consumers the same delivery efficiency as the major chains, thanks to an easy-to-use, iPad-based pizzeria POS system.

There will be no more misunderstandings about house numbers, badly written and wrong orders, or delivery time inconsistencies, to put it another way. All is automated and precise 100 percent of the time.

2. Accurate Orders

Handwritten order slips should be relegated to the past. Pizza POS software enables stores to easily add, delete, and change any order request to fit customer requests in clearly described, detailed directions written directly on a ticket.

Even if a customer calls three times, an existing order can be changed in real-time, reducing the possibility of food waste or multiple deliveries to the same address. A few taps on the computer will pass things along quickly and without causing any confusion.

3. Loyalty Programs

Service that is fast is most beneficial to restaurants like pizza from the loyalty programs and rewards because customers want to return to the same places, and they trust you to have a good meal. Whether it's a free pizza for every fifth purchase or bonus items for daily big orders, a little extra kindness will go a long way toward retaining customers and creating strong brand ambassadors.

Now that you an idea of how to choose the best pizzeria point of sales for your pizza shop, you don't have to worry about running many orders as you have a POS system that can help you work on it seamlessly. If you are looking for a restaurant POS system, you can visit Choose Alliance today.



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