How to connect android TV to Wi-Fi

How to Connect Android TV and WiFi by following Several Techniques?

How to connect android TV to Wi-Fi




Mobile devices have the WiFi feature for faster and better data transmission that can become handy when the internet connection goes slow. It enables both the sending and receiving of data over LAN at a better speed, if present within the network range that has good signal strength. You can Connect Android TV and WiFi after searching for a connection is carried out as follows:

  1. You would need to start at Wireless Networks in Settings and then go to WiFi Settings.
  2. Mainly the devices search and scan networks themselves otherwise you can tap on the Scan button and search for the network you want to connect to.
  3. When adding the WiFi network manually, go to add network and enter the SSID code.
  4. You would need to insert the pass code of the network and if it works, the mobile device receives the IP address through the wireless adapter which starts off communication with the network. In case the wireless is using WPA2 then your device should be compatible with it if not, get the update for OS and enable WPA2 compliance.

To Connect Android TV and WiFi, follow the steps:

Follow some of the effective steps to Connect Android TV and WiFi, by going through these steps mentioned below

  1. In Settings go to WiFi.
  2. The search of networks is automatic on Apple devices, for connecting tap the other option.
  3. Enter the passcode and the selection of security type is your choice.

Internet Pass Through: In this case the devices get configured for Internet pass through where they set up connection with computer via USB and use PC's internet connection.

WiFi Troubleshooting:

To remove the connectivity issues, remember to apply the following tactics:

  1. Confirm that the apparatus is within the range of WiFi connecting option.
  2. Ensure that the correct SSID code is typed.
  3. Always make sure that your Smartphone is supporting wireless network encryption protocol.

Alternative Techniques

  1. Refresh the WiFi cycle.
  2. Restart the process of connecting by Forgetting or eliminating the network and after that reconnect it.
  3. Go to Advanced Settings, confirm if it's using static IP, if proxy configuration is there, and if WiFi sleep policy exists.
  4.  You can try renewing IP addresses lease, that's only when it's getting it from the DHCP server and mainly it does. 

While checking Advanced Wireless Settings:

All these techniques mentioned above to Connect Android TV and WiFi work while troubleshooting WiFi connection, however if hard luck prevails then Hard Reset would work. In unfortunate cases when no solution enables a connection, it's better if you take the advice from the experts. If you want to know more about the services, please contact the advisors for help. Our representatives will be in touch with you and will provide you the guidelines regarding the issue. Then at that time, you will get your issue resolved and you can move further in your process. 


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