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Discover the methods for resetting your AT&T WiFi password

When you purchase AT&T WiFi connection, it comes with a default user name and password. However, AT&T WiFi users are further suggested to change this default password as per their choice. Additionally, AT&T WiFi users can also reset their WiFi password in time being for the security purpose. You have the permission for changing AT&T WiFi password in a very convenient manner through quite simple procedure. Those who are thinking that how to reset AT&T WiFi password can collect the more relevant information about its procedure from below.

What is the correct method to reset AT&T WiFi password?

Basically, there are two different approaches that allow the users to update their AT&T WiFi password. Now the people who are curious to learn that how to reset AT&T WiFi Password, kindly follow the procedure given below:

Steps to reset AT&T WiFi password via smart home manager:

·       Open a browser and visit Smart home manager website on it

·       Further navigate to the menu and select more option

·       Next go to Network tab and choose WiFi network from the drop down list

·       After that WiFi password reset option will appear on the next screen

·       Now create a unique combination to reset as your new AT&T WiFi password

Steps to reset AT&T WiFi password via U-verse router:

·       Open a browser and login to your AT&T U-verse router account

·       Then navigate to the Home network tab and choose Wireless connection

·       Next you might have to provide your current device access code

·       On the next careen you will get option to reset you WiFi password

·       Type a new password combination for your AT&T WiFi and reset it by tapping save button

In case you failed to reset your AT&T WiFi password due to some error, get further assistance from their customer care team. Moreover, if you are wondering that how can I Speak to an AT&T Representative, kindly follow the procedure given below:

·       Dial the AT&T call center number and press 0 as soon as your phone call is connected

·       After that you have to verify the phone number associated with your AT&T account

·       Next the automated voice will provide a few service choice, select the WiFi option

·       Then your call will be transferred to a live representative who will provide further WiFi password reset related assistance



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