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How to make use of the mobile unlock feature of Malwarebytes Password Manager

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Malwarebytes antivirus is a bag of advanced tools. Malwarebytes antivirus provides all the latest tools and services which are essential for dealing with dangerous threats. Malwarebytes antivirus has a powerful password manager tool. As you know, we all use passwords for keeping our accounts secure from being compromised. If you don’t know how to stop malwarebytes popups then anyone can access your account and get your information. But today keeping a simple password will not keep you safe.

People mostly use simple passwords which are easy to remember such as their phone number, date of birth, 1234567, 000000, etc. But these types of passwords are easy to crack. Even a person who knows you personally can crack your password. So, you must keep a password which is n't guessed by the people. But today every person used multiple accounts (more than 10 accounts). Remembering many passwords is difficult.

So people often use the same password for various accounts. Instead of compromising with your security; use the Malwarebytes password manager tool. Go for Malwarebytes activation and get a password manager. You can save all usernames and passwords securely in the Malwarebytes password manager. Malwarebytes password manager can also create strong and lengthy passwords for you.

Malwarebytes password manager has a mobile unlock feature. This feature allows users to unlock the password manager while using the desktop browser feature by allowing a mobile notification. Whenever you open the Malwarebytes password manager on your desktop; you will receive a notification on your registered mobile device. When you approve the unlock request from your mobile then the password manager gets unlocked on your browser automatically.

Steps to set mobile to unlock feature for Windows and Android

  • Open your Malwarebytes account
  • Go to sign in option
  • Enter your Malwarebytes credentials and press the login button
  • Go to Malwarebytes password manager app
  • If you don’t have a Malwarebytes password manager vault then create it now
  • Follow the on-screen wizards for creating the Malwarebytes password manager vault
  • Now you have to install the latest version of password manager extension on your web browser
  • Sign in to your Malwarebytes account
  • Now open your Malwarebytes password manager vault
  • Tap the Malwarebytes password manager browser extension icon
  • Go to the settings
  • Click on mobile unlock option and tap the setup button
  • Now you can easily use your Malwarebytes password manager tool on your Windows and Android device.

Steps for configuring mobile unlock for Safari

  • Open Safari
  • Go to Safari Extensions
  • Open App Store window and search for Malwarebytes Safe Web Plus
  • Go to the downloaded app and tap the Get button
  • Hit the Install app button
  • Now go to the app store and search for Malwarebytes password manager
  • Log in to your Malwarebytes account

Open the Malwarebytes password manager app and follow the on-screen wizards for completing the setup process. Open the Malwarebytes password manager app and go to settings. Tap the mobile unlock option and hit the setup button. Now click on My devices and tap the Turn On button. If you want to use the mobile unlock feature on another browser then you have to configure this feature on every browser independently.





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