How to open password protected 7zip file?

Get an idea to open a locked 7zip file without making any mess of the information. All the possible attempts to open password protected 7zip file is mentioned in detail. The simplest way is described with the help of free to save time.


It is quite normal for a person to forget a few things in a day. But the problem starts the situation where important things have been forgotten. This in return, hampers our crucial work due to our carelessness. The situation worsens in case of passwords. And usually, this happens, that people tend to lose or forget the password of an account or file when urgent accessibility is needed.

So if anyone is facing the same situation with password-protected 7ZIP or 7Z file archives then no need to panic. One can try a tool which can anyhow brute force encryption to open password protected 7zip file easily. One such highly reviewed tool is eSoftTools 7Z Password Recovery Software.

eSoftTools 7-zip  password recovery Software known for its secure recovery performance, all users can use it to repair damaged and corrupted 7z File. With the help of the best 7z password, unlocker Software let users save the individual items without creating any problem and supports all 7z versions and windows(32 and 64 Bit).


How to unzip or open password protected 7zip file with eSoftTools 7z unlocker tool:

 This software has an easy command to use this software because of this every user can use this tool even user is a technician or non-technician. These commands are:-

  • Download the full version of this tool from the official website of eSoftTools and install in your system.
  • Pick out the file which one you want to recover the password.
  • Make the decision to select one recovery techniques from given three- mask attack, brute force attack and dictionary attack.
  • Complete the process by click to run button.
  • Now, you have to wait for some times, after that password in on the screen.
  • After a few minutes password is on screen, now you can copy to clipboard this password and save it for future use.

Useful instructions about attacks for time-saving:-

Mask attack: - if you know partial combination like-1st half or 2nd half etc. then apply this attack and make the recovery process shorten easily.

Brute force attack: - if you not aware what is the password configuration then choose this attempts. passwords can be possible in any formats or any language like- alphabetic + numeric+ alphanumeric + symbols+ lowercase+ upper case etc. this process is time taking because it will check all password combination and then give the correct answer to the user.

Dictionary attack: - if the user knows that password is in an alphabetical form then go with this attack. A dictionary file is already available in this tool but you want to add some new words which are not mentioned in the dictionary then You can also add your personal dictionary and add all possible password combination which makes your recovery process faster.

Special features:-

  • Time-saving or risk-free tool.
  • Fully, protected with an antivirus so, no virus issues found in this software.
  • You can recover a number of 7zip file password with this software.
  • A preview is constantly displaying on your screen to check how much time is remaining or working well or not this tool.
  • This software is performing well with all variants of 7z versions and Windows 10 (32-bite, & 64-bite).
  • 7z password cracker comes with the free demo version which provides only first three letters of the password available on the official website of eSoftTools.
  • Recover lost 7z file password without damage saved data with no failure.

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To remove password from 7zip files use eSoftTools 7z password recovery software and get the full authority to unlock 7z file without password.  7z unlocker tool gives 100% accurate answer without any failure for each recovery process and saves your time.  



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