How to Set a Password for PDF File In Adobe Reader

How to Set a Password for PDF File In Adobe Reader?

If you are looking for a solution to lock the PDF file, then you can read this blog to know How to Set a Password for PDF File In Adobe Reader.

While using the PDF files, sometimes your files are fully encrypted from the editing that removes the probability of data breach. It also provides the password so that only those who have the password can access the file. The steps can differ on the basis if you are using Windows or MAC OS. So, if you want to protect your PDF files, then read this article. As here, I will explain How to Set a Password for PDF File In Adobe Reader? 

The PDF file is the most common name among the users as it is a reliable file format and used to save your data and can be used for sharing purposes. The full form of the PDF is a portable document format that mainly comprises text formatting and images. Also provides the feature of security that helps the users in keeping their files more safe and secure. 

Now, lets us provide the different methods by which you can protect your PDF files. So, just sit comfortably and start learning…...

Manual method - How To Password Protect a PDF?

The manual method is an inbuilt application that is free to use. You can follow these steps to find the solutions for the “how to set a password for PDF file in Adobe Reader” query as follows:

  1. First, you have to download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader for both MAC or Windows.

  2. Then, open the PDF file of your choice that you want to encrypt to make your PDF password protected in Adobe Reader. You have two options, first, you can browse and open the file from your system or you can opt to drag and drop it from your system.

  3. Once you opened your file then, visit the ‘View’ option which is situated on the top left side of the Adobe Reader. After that, tap on the ‘Tools’ and then visit ‘Protection’. Once you tap on the option ‘Protection’ a new Windows will be displayed on the screen, now you have to set a password for the PDF file and tap on the ‘Ok’ button.

Even the manual method is free of cost but it also has some limitations which give a negative impact on the users.

The Drawback of the Manual method on “How To Password Protect a PDF?”

Some of the disadvantages of the manual procedure are written below. That is the cause of the hesitation among many users to use it, especially the beginner. These are -

  1. The manual method is quite lengthy and a tedious procedure.

  2. It requires technical skills to operate and cannot be handled if you are a beginner as it needs guidance from the expert while performing these steps.

  3. There is a higher chance that you may suffer data-loss while operating this method.

Sometimes this method difficult to operate or doesn’t work, then you can use the alternative methods by which you can make your PDF encrypted with a password. 

Alternative tool

You can use the Cigati PDF Protect Tool that will attach the protection and security to your PDF files. The software allows its user to modify the resultant PDF file description. This software supports all the major versions of Windows OS. It is built up with a high GUI that makes it easy and convenient to use. The software provides the free demo version for a free assessment of the tool.


In this blog, I have explained the whole procedure of How to Set Passwords for PDF File In Adobe Reader? I have provided two different methods by which you can easily protect your PDF files. As most novice users may find manual methods a little complicated, they can prefer the alternative tool that will encrypt your PDF files swiftly.

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