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Redundant Web Design Features You Should Stop Using in 2020

Even though web design has come a long way in today’s time, there are still numerous features that have proven to increase bounce off rates just because they annoy users to a very high extent.

With the increase in technological trends and general progress, user behavior is also very highly impacted. Some users like some certain aspects or web elements whereas some users dislike the same features. Another category comes forth where both users dislike some certain set of features that are too outdated or just simply, put them off.

Since we care about you a lot and want to help you improve your conversion rates rather than bounce rates, we have put together a carefully-researched list of redundant web design features that you should most certainly stop using in 2020.

  1. Navigation All Over the Place

The worst nightmare for a new user or website visitor is to have come across bad navigation. Write this down, navigation is key. It cannot be stressed enough that a good navigation layout on a website can mean the difference between a conversion and an eversion.

You want your visitors to stay and engage with the value that your website offers to them. Instead, if you get them all jumbled up with where to go to do something, chances are pretty high they get annoyed and look for the same products or services elsewhere.

  1. Visuals Without Context

Visuals are a driving engine for attracting attention. For example, whenever you hear audio for something and the video for the same thing, you might remember more vividly what was in the video.

However, it should be noted that visuals comprising of texts and imagery tend to be the most effectual when it comes to actually impact the mental attitudes of webpage visitors. Therefore, use texts and typography in your visuals to not only make them stand out but to make them understood more easily for your visitors.

Any professional agency that offers web development services will tell you that most clients don’t even notice this issue unless you specifically ask them to. This is a grave issue that website owners need to not just understand, but to take action against on an immediate basis.

  1. Over-stocked CTAs

The next worst thing you can do is to actually over-stack your pages with CTAs – a different button for a different CTA – bad decision.

Not only will this give a clumsy look to the customer for your potential customers but will greatly overwhelm them. A clear choice is better than having many options that confuse you and end up making you postpone the decision – speaking from the customer’s end here.

Therefore, depending on what you are offering your visitors, please keep the CTAs simple and uniform.

  1. Overly-done Animation

The animation is also another graphic that can attract visitors to positively influence your conversion and visit rates and numbers, respectively. But, overdoing animation is also hard to keep up with.

You want to have a balanced website that is a combination of all sorts of different graphic and visual placements. This will ensure users have a smooth experience and also help you retain your visit volume per month or per year and so on.

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