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5 Things You Should Consider before Booking a Laptop repair Service

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 when you have to find one trustable repair shop. Below are some common problems and as well as points that you should keep in mind before going to any repair shop. You can also do some research work related to laptop repair Lucknow

Basic Problems related to Laptops

First, you should get accustomed to a few problems related to laptops. It will help you to deal with your laptop rightly. And, the points are listed below. 

  1. Overheating 

One of the major issues related to laptops is heating up. Due to overuse, laptops can heat up and can turn off suddenly. Sometimes limited air intake can also be one of the reasons. As laptops can be easily moved around. 

  1. Dead Battery 

After a certain period, you have to replace the battery of your laptop. Batteries can lose the ability to hold a charge after a certain time. You will see that it can hold a very low charge after being unplugged. Thus, you are advised not to use your laptop while plugged in. 

  1. Virus

This is one of the major issues. It creates a lot of problems and also attacks your privacy. It slows down the system and you won't be able to use the laptop properly. Further, it gets into your device when you click on the pop-up links, or even when you open any unauthorized website. 

  1. System Crash 

Often people go on a panic mode when the laptops are not booting. It can be because of the bad sector on the hard drive. Now, to check if this is the reason you have to remove the hard drive and have to place it into an external enclosure. Further, you are advised to proceed only if you have some basic knowledge about laptops. 

  1. Unable to Connect Wireless Device 

Sometimes, you will see that you are unable to connect to any wireless device. The only reason why people prefer laptops rather than computers is that you can take them with you anywhere. And, it is able to connect to any wireless device. In most cases, you will find an external switch that will enable you to connect to a wireless device. 

Points that you must keep in mind

It is very common that you will face issues with your laptop. To repair your laptop you have to contact the service center. But, you have to keep a few points in your mind before you go to any laptop repair shop. And, the points are listed below:

  1. Choose the one you trust

It is not easy to choose the right repair shop or service center. Don't rush into selecting a repair shop that you don't trust. It's better to select the laptop repair shop which has an established business and a history of satisfied clients. As you can see there are a lot of scammers who are tricking people and stealing laptop parts to sell them somewhere else. Rather than trusting someone who lives nearby and fixing a laptop in the basement, trust a professional. 


Professionals are certified and have an authorized licence. You can also do some research work before taking any decision. Make sure the one you're trusting will keep your data secure. Before considering them see if they have a privacy policy. To be extra sure you can also check what they do if any confidential data comes into concern. It will help you to move forward with your decision.

  1. Backup all your important document

We don't realize how important backing up documents is unless and until our laptop system crashes. When we see our laptop is not working, then we are only left with regrets. Thus, when you take your laptop to any repair shop there is a slight chance of data loss. You should be sure that your data is safe while your laptop is repaired. 


For that, you just need to copy all your important documents or data i.e. to backup. Commonly it is a very good practice to follow. You won't be in a mess if any such situation comes. Data loss is very common in computers or laptops, caused because of hardware failure or any other reason. 

  1. Encrypt your data or transfer your data

Before handling your laptop it is better to encrypt your data, or it is better to remove your important data from the laptop. Though the repair shop is very trustworthy, you should not take any risk. There will always remain a chance that one of the members might trick you and steal your documents. 


Thus, to be extra sure that your data is not stolen and is truly safe that you are better to remove or transfer all the important documents. And, if you encrypt your data, it becomes a little difficult to steal the information from your machine. Even if they manage to extract data they won't get anything except for mess. 

  1. Software key 

Here comes the fourth and one of the important points, the software key. You are advised to note down the keys with you if you are used to with the present operating system, and with the software that you have installed. It might be possible that unfortunately after repairing you will lose a few of the programs or the operating system. Hence, it is very much needed to keep the keys so that later you can reinstall the software you want. 

  1. Make sure your device is easily accessible

When you give your laptop to the repair shop, the technician has to get in and check if everything is in the proper condition or not. For this reason, you have to make your device accessible to the tech. You have to disable all the passwords that you have put before logging into Windows or any other software needed. You can also write down the problems related to the laptop in detail to help the technician to solve the problem. Other ways like you can save a copy of your description. 



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