[Reasons] Why business companies should switch to solar power?

The commercial and residential sector is switching to solar energy very quickly. Here are the reasons for switching power sources.

Solar energy is the biggest source of energy and power. The solar energy system is improving gradually. Now the day’s solar panels are very efficient in working. According to the research, 1 hour of solar energy is equal to the 1-year power consumption of the global population. It means we have a lot of gaps to cover. Solar panels are not strict about providing energy on sunny days. Solar panels are able to provide electricity even on cloudy days. In the cloudy days, power should be around 10-20% of the total amount produced on a sunny day. Solar energy can be used whole the day and night by using solar batteries.

As a business company, power consumption is more than houses due to wide working hours and usage of electricity. Solar energy is a suitable power source for business companies and commercial areas. Here is a list of factors and reasons for switching power sources to solar power.

Property value:

Some people think that solar panels need a specific area to install and this will decrease the actual value of a business property.  Actually, solar panels are an easy and safe way to increase property value. If you are doing constructions of your property than definitely, you are under taxation but while you are installing solar panels in your house then there is no taxation for this. Solar panels are the extra assets that are worthy and worthy assets are the reasons for property value increment.

Taxes cut off:

By using grid electricity you are paying your electricity bills as well as government taxes. The electricity bill brings you a huge amount of taxes. When you are using solar energy instead of grid electricity you are the owner of your power source and power generator. You do not need to pay taxes on extra usage of electricity. If you are not switching your power source completely and want to share both electricity sources than you will feel a massive reduce in your electricity bills and directly reduce the impose taxes on electricity usage.

Save money:

Solar panels are the biggest money saver in the business community. Solar panels' average age is up to 25 years. And solar panels are able to pay off within 4-5 years the total investment price. The solar panel price in Pakistan is very reasonable. When solar panels are covering the whole electricity supply, it means a reduction in the monthly electricity billing. Either you are using solar panels in summer or winter. You can keep your house cool by using solar electricity as well as hot in winter by using solar energy. You can move your whole business electricity power to solar panels.

Net metering:

Net metering is an also option for businesses that are interested in a big solar system. You can sell your extra produced electricity to the grid. Almost all the developed and under-developed countries are providing the facility of net metering. Government electricity organizations will pay you back according to the unit consumption.


Solar is completely environment-friendly and clean energy as compared to our grid electricity. Our larger source of energy is fossil fuel that causes of emission of carbon dioxide. This gas is the main cause of global warming. Solar energy does not emit any kind of gas. According to research on Asian development bank, Asia’s contribution to carbon emission will be 45% in 2030.  So, it is very necessary to keep the environment clean. Solar energy is the main source of clean and renewable energy. If you are switching to solar then it is good to hear that you can cut up to four tons of carbon gasses emission.

Boost your team’s Morale:

When you are using solar instead of grid electricity, this action will create a good impact on your employees. It makes you a socially responsible company. By this, employees' morale becomes higher and they feel positivity. As a result, work efficiency will increase as your business efficiency.


Hopefully, we have covered all the reasons for switching a business’s power source form grid electricity to solar energy. so many solar service companies all across Pakistan are providing the facility of installing a complete solar system. 


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