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How to Decide If Your Old Sofa is Worth Saving or Not?

With the cozy sofa, you’ve spent many years relaxing on may lose its charm over time. The fabric got ripped, dirty, or stained. Many people don’t want to throw their old sofa because of its great quality or some sentimental values.

Replacing the old sofa is a choice many people have to make at some point in time. Over time, the old sofa gets dirty, dull, outdated, and torn. But as you’ve spent many years curling on it, you don’t want to throw it away because of the sentimental value, antique quality, and suitability of your space.

Even though your old sofa gets outdated, there are chances that it is still sturdy, has superior quality, and would last longer than the new ones. And most importantly, purchasing a brand-new sofa will cost you a lot so it is better to take a step back and think about saving your old sofa, if possible. You can simply revive your old sofa with Lugnvik cover to elevate the overall appearance of your living space.

Don’t want to get rid of your old yet attractive sofa? Is there any chance to save it? First, let’s take a closer look at several factors to decide whether to throw your sofa or save it for the future: -

Poorly Stained Condition

People have a tendency to spill drinks and food while relaxing on their couch. Over time, you will notice a large number of stains at every corner that you cannot get rid of that easily. If you’re a pet owner, you will see a shredded fabric in unrecognizable bits but getting a new sofa won’t relieve your pain.

Fortunately, there is a way to save it and give it a charming look with minimum effort. You can simply get an aesthetically pleasing, detachable, and machine-washable sofa slipcover that sets the right tone in your living area.

Badly Ripped or Scratched

The sofa is where you relax, watch a movie with your friends, or may take a nap sometimes. As you can see, it plays a significant role in everyday life, it may get torn or go through scratches because of toddlers or over-exciting pets. To determine if it is worth saving, check if there’s less damage or slightly deep.

If the damage or scratches are superficial, cut away the ripped bits using a pair of scissors. You can even find a matching fabric to cover the damaged parts. Alternatively, you can entirely change its exterior with a brand-new sofa slipcover.

Looks Quite Boring or Dull

It is no surprise that your old sofa doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to modernism and aesthetic. Even though it is perfectly usable, you aren’t just digging 90s style now. If your old sofa has started looking boring or outdated, that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune to buy a new one.

You can always have an option to replace its slipcover to give it a rejuvenated look and add new breath to your living space. You can also opt for a customizable option to get the right fit, fabric, and quality that suits the aesthetics of your old upholstery.


No matter whether your old sofa is stained, dirty, ripped, or dull-looking, you can revive the whole ambience with a new sofa slipcover instead of purchasing an entirely new sofa. You can start with a collection of sample fabrics to find a suitable Lugnvik cover that complements your existing upholstery. This way you can get your slipcover customized in the right measurement, breathable material, and quality.

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