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How to Download Hotmail Email as PDF?

This blog will depict you how to download Hotmail email as PDF. We have stated two methods to save Hotmail emails as PDF. The manual method is not the ideal approach to print Hotmail email in PDF file format. So, we recommend using an automated solution.

“Hello friends, my name is Lewis Murray. I have been using Hotmail from last 5 years and now there are more than 5000 emails. Then, someone suggested me to save all emails locally in PDF file format. So, that I can back up all my emails and also can share emails easily in PDF file. I found that this thought is extremely useful. But, thousands of emails are very time-consuming and also very difficult task for me. So, please suggest me an easy and direct method to download Hotmail email as PDF.”


Our support team has found this query on a forum site and when our team visited other forum sites, then we found people are also asking for:

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Downloading Hotmail emails as PDF is an easy task to perform. So, in this blog, we will share you the methods to convert Hotmail email to PDF. So, read this blog completely to get desired outcome.


Direct Method to Save Hotmail Email as PDF

Hotmail Backup Tool is the best tool to backup emails from Hotmail in PDF file format. Not only in PDF, users can download Hotmail email as PDF / PST / EML / MSG / MBOX. Also, this tool gives you additional filter options to save Hotmail email as attachment. Also, this tool is very easy to use as its user interface is very straight forward.

Now, to know the working and how to save Hotmail email as PDF, read the upcoming sections carefully.


7 Cool Features Offered by Hotmail Backup Tool

  • Users can save Hotmail emails in bulk along with attachments
  • This tool gives option to delete emails from server after download
  • Support multiple file formats to export such as PST, EML, MSG, PDF, and MBOX
  • Option to export emails from selective date range
  • Feature to download attachments to disk for PDF writer
  • The tool support multiple language such as English, Chinese, Russian, German, etc.
  • Enables support to export newly arrived emails using Incremental Backup option


5 Easy Steps to Download Hotmail Email as PDF

  1. Download and Execute the Hotmail Backup Email Tool
  2. Sign in by adding credential in the tool to download email
  3. Now, select the file format as PDF from the categories
  4. Click on the Browse button to save email as PDF to desired location
  5. Finally, click on the Start button to begin the backup process


How to Print Hotmail Email to PDF Manually?

You can download emails from Hotmail in PDF file format manually. But this method is reliable only if you have to save couple of emails from Hotmail account. In case, if you have to export multiple emails in bulk in PDF file format then, this method is very difficult and time-consuming to perform.

To download emails from Hotmail manually, follow the steps mentioned below.


Steps to Print Emails from Hotmail to PDF Manually

  1. Open browser and go to
  2. Now, select the emails you need to download and open
  3. Click on the three dots icon in the email and click on Print option
  4. Now, from the top click on the Print again
  5. Finally, click on the Save button and set location to download Hotmail email


Finally, you can access your emails in PDF file format from the location where you exported. But as this method has some limitations such as; users cannot export multiple emails in PDF file using this method. Also, there is no additional filter options to download Hotmail email as PDF in manual method.

So, we suggest you to download emails from Hotmail in PDF by using automated backup tool i.e., Hotmail Backup Tool.



Nowadays, taking backup of emails becomes an important factor to protect your account data from any disaster. Therefore, in this blog, we have disclosed two solutions to download Hotmail email as PDF. Also, the manual method is not an ideal approach to backup emails from Hotmail account as there are some limitations of manual method. So, we recommend to use the automated solution to save Hotmail email as PDF. The automated method supports multiple features to print Hotmail email as attachments. Also, there are numerous great features offered in automated method as we have mentioned above.

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