Admission in International School

How to Get Admission in International School in Noida?

GIIS Noida believes all students are equally important. For that reason, the teachers ensure they connect and test students on individual bases. On the same note, GIIS teachers help students develop proper communication and transparency both in school and with parents. In turn, your child develops good manners to live well with other students also and remain morally upright even after school.

Over and above, GIIS Noida keeps to its core strength; emphasis on your child's holistic development. Holistic development entirely involves:

  • Academic excellence.
  • Sports excellence.
  • Visual and Performing ARTS.
  • Personality development. 
  • Creativity and innovation. 
  • Entrepreneurship and leadership.
  • Universal values and ethics.
  • Community and care. 
  • Skills development.

In this post, let’s look at how to get an admission into GIIS Noida, an international school, founded in 2002 by the Global Schools Foundation (GSF) founding trust. To begin with, what are the qualifications to join the international school in Noida? 


Your child should meet certain admission qualifications to be absorbed in the GIIS Noida which involve:

  • Entry age for pre-kindergartens is two years, with the other grade students' eligible age calculated from the pre-kindergarten age. 
  •  Written test to confirm academic fitness. 
  • The application form is available online, as you will see later in this post. 

Fees Payment

GIIS Noida one time fees which comprises of:

  • Admission fee. 
  • Registration fee.
  • Security deposit on new students only.

Only the security deposit fee is refundable. 

Recurrent fees include:

  • Tuition fee monthly.
  • Lab charges monthly.
  • Annual charges yearly. 

Other fees which are however optional include:

  • Miscellaneous fee like exam, assessment fee, CBSE competitive exams or CBSE registration fee, trip tours. 
  • Transportation fee done annually and caters for transporting students from point A to B. 

You need to pay the composite annual fee quarterly which incorporates: 

  • Tuition fee.
  • Laboratory charges.
  • Annual charges.

You should make payments every quarter for composite annual fees, that is, April, July, October and January.  

Talking of Grades 11-12 fees, science category pays more than the commerce and humanities students. Science students are entitled to lab tests throughout the two academic years.

The table below shows the total payments for various GIIS Noida grades.


Total Fee/Year





11-12 Humanities and Commerce

11-12 Science 







For actual school fee structure, visit the GIIS noida official fee structure page. 

The Actual Application or Admission Process

The GIIS Noida application process is designed as simple, transparent and convenient for you. Once you find your child eligible to join GIIS Noida, you can visit the international school in Noida official website and fill in the enquiry form. In case you are satisfied with the information on the website, you can start the application online.

You can still apply offline by visiting GIIS Noida campus.

Documents You Need During Application 

You should present certain documents to the school's admission board which incorporates:

  • Birth certificate.
  • Transfer certificate. 
  • Medical reports.
  • Valid passport for an international student is a must. 
  • Your photographs and your child’s.
  • Report card or previous school mark sheet as the board might demand either.
  • Student NRIC/FIN certificate may also be required, similarly to your employment document.  

While applying, you will:

  • Fill all the required details concerning your child.
  • Proofread your details.
  • Upload all the pre-requisite documents.
  • Confirm you have uploaded the required documents and proofread your documents. 

On the site, click on apply and fill all the needed details like:

  • Country.
  • The campus, here, GIIS Noida campus.
  • Academic year.
  • Primary contact details such as first and last name, email address and phone number of the parent, and indicate the parent who is the primary contact.
  • After filling all the required details, click save and continue, and to the next step. 

Once done with the online application, you will be required to visit the GIIS Noida campus for consultation. During the consultation in the Noida campus:

  • For proof, the school's admission board may ask your child to take a written assessment.
  • The administrators will advise you on the next moves.
  • You will pay a registration fee and security deposit which guarantees you a seat but does not guarantee your child an admission.
  • Upon classes' commencement, the board will require you to settle the tuition and any other annual charges.


  • You will have to pay both term and admission fees before classes begin. 
  • On application, it is subject to the seats available.
  • New students can apply all year long. 
  • Academic sessions commence in April of every year, and registration the August of the previous year. 
  • Check out the scholarships for school students to see if your child is eligible.

If you follow all the steps as needed, the application process is simple and takes a few minutes provided you have all the required details at hand. If unsure on where to start, it all starts with scheduling an appointment. 

Students who prove academically fit, and come from minority communities, meaning they are unable to meet the fee may apply for various scholarships offered by the GIIS Noida. Therefore, nothing should stop.

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