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How to Import MBOX to Gmail with all Attachments?

If you want to import MBOX files to Gmail then download the tool for free. This will help you in migrating all your MBOX files to Gmail account.

One trend these days is very fast, that is, moving data from a desktop-based application to a cloud-based program. One such scenario is converting MBOX to a Gmail account to access data items from the Google Cloud desktop application. An email user wants to import MBOX to Gmail account so that they can easily access their emails around the clock.

Users find Google's cloud security more secure for them. The Gmail application on smartphones, tablets, iPhone, etc. Customers can operate their e-mail account at any time and from anywhere. It is believed that Google Cloud provides reliable data security on the server. From now on, there is a need for such solutions that will import MBOX to Gmail without any error issues.

Tip: If you want to convert MBOX to Gmail or G Suite, you can use an automated approach such as: Tool4Mail MBOX to Gmail Converter Tool. With the help of this utility, you can easily convert multiple MBOX files with all attachments from Email to Gmail.

How do I convert MBOX to Gmail / Google Apps?
The next section explains the numerous user requirements for converting MBOX to Gmail. One such application is the MBOX to Gmail conversion wizard. It performs the conversion of the items in the mailboxes of various email clients like Apple Mail, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Netscape Mail, Eudora Mail, etc. in the Gmail or G Suite folder. During the conversion process, the software retains the meta properties, key elements and the folder hierarchy in the internal e-mail system.

Follow these simple steps to successfully complete this task:

Step 1: The MBOX Converter Tool offers two options for selecting .mbox files from a computer. Select the "Select Files" option to search for a single .mbox file, and the "Select Folder" option is also available to upload the folder with multiple MBOX files.

Step 2: Now activate or deactivate the MBOX folder in the software window and click on the Next button.

Step 3: Choose Gmail or G Suite as the save format in the application interface.

Step 4: Enter the Gmail account credentials in the tool's GUI and click the Next button to start the conversion process.

Step 5: The MBOX to Gmail conversion will run and display the Live Progressive Migration report which will count the emails
There is no doubt that this is one of the fastest solutions available today for migrating MBOX files to G Suite. Users can convert MBOX to a Gmail email service account. MBOX to Gmail Converter is one of those simplified tools for non-technical users. Provides seamless migration without stopping G Suite account services for users while they are doing this.

Advantages of Gmail to MBOX Migration Tool

The MBOX to Gmail Converter software can easily migrate MBOX mailbox items to a Gmail account. The software is an easy way to instantly export items from selected mailboxes to your G Suite account. This utility has several advantages. Some are listed here:

Transfer multiple mailboxes from Apple Mail to Gmail directly or without data loss.
Maintain the metadata properties and the internal folder hierarchy of the mailbox database.
The utility offers online chat and 24-hour support to help users.
The fastest, safest way to finish converting MBOX to G Suite.
Also, users can convert MBOX files to Gmail account along with any item information attached.
Users just need to provide the credentials of the Gmail account they want. In the software window, add the Gmail account username and password to convert MBOX to Gmail account directly.

The Conclusion

This article will give you a complete overview of how to migrate from MBOX to Gmail. You can follow the above method and easily export / import MBOX files or folders to Gmail / G Suite account. Have fun working with Gmail besides MBOX emails. In addition, the user can also try the free demo version of the MBOX to Gmail conversion tool to quickly and easily transfer 25 MBOX items to a Google account.

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