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How To Make Your Business Mobile Friendly?

With the consistent change happening with technological advancements, our way of living is changing in this fast-paced world. With our fingertips, we can find every piece of information via the biggest source of the digital era! the internet.

It has become a ubiquitous priority of mobile users to access their website for the business. The user experience is the major thing so the mobile version for any of the websites should provide the users a positive impact on the enterprise and sales. 

Smartphones have become one of the regular parts of our lives. There was a time people used to avoid purchasing them because it was expensive, but how quickly time has changed how we can see everyone with their smartphones.

If you are owning a website so it is one of the responsibilities to make it mobile friendly with a better mobile experience for the users. According to the research in the year 2016, the usage of mobile has suppressed the use of desktop and from that time the same scenario is going on.


Almost more than half of the mobile internet usage has bright huge website traffic via smartphones. This simply means the mobile-optimized sites can crawl the websites. So, now the entrepreneurs are more focussing upon the fact to improve the ranking of their websites on the search engine result pages and make them mobile-friendly for a good mobile user experience.


Things to keep in mind before making your business website mobile-friendly


The picture has to be kept in mind when you have a thought in your mind about mobile-friendliness.


  • The mobile screens vary from size to size, some of the screens are small some of them are large but the truth is they are always smaller than the desktop.
  • Mobile phone processor speed is slow as compared to computers.
  • Mobile phones have lesser bandwidth as well as slow load speed.


What does mobile-friendly mean?


So, the question that is coming to your mind is what a mobile-friendly website is?

It simply means to see your website from a new version to visitors when they see the website from the mobile device for a better experience.

So, this can be achieved in the following ways:


 Well Responsive Design 

When we talk about responsive web design so it must fill all the criteria required for the website. Such as the website design is created in such a way that it completely fills the screen size from the mobile or tablet.

Dynamic Serving with the Devices

It depends upon the visitors from which device they are viewing the website a meaningful purpose-built version should be there.

A Mobile App for the Quick Response

A separate app for your website on your mobile will make full sense, as after clicking it the customer can directly reach the landing page of your website. 

The main focus you have to do is to focus on the responsive design as it is also recommended by Google itself.

Avoid Flash

The flash is not supported by smartphones as it is mostly used for animation.

Remove the Pop-Ups

 as they are generally used for the desktop version of the website. For the mobile, pop-ups are best to ignore. The small screen, as well as the pop-ups, are triggering again and again then it will be a problem.

Enable a Way to the Desktop View

Many of the mobile visitors love to see the desktop version for the website instead of the mobile. So, enabling this feature according to the visitor’s preference adds more value, For More Details Visit Us.








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