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How to Make Your Own Enamel Pins?

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If you are someone who has to wear suits quite usually, then enamel pins are something that can be the cherry on the top. These small ornaments add grace to your personality. Enamel pins have been loved by almost the people of all age groups. They are small, beautiful and make your dress look more attractive and captivating.

Enamel pins have been in the market for a long period. The best thing about enamel pins is that they keep on changing with the changing trends and fashion. You can wear them to your office, at weddings, and on other occasions. These small ornaments are so attractive that sometimes it becomes your habit to have as many enamel pins as possible. 

The best thing about enamel pins (also called lapel pins) is that they are so small that you can carry many of them on your business trips and events outside the town. Fashion trends keep on changing every day, and you need to keep growing with the trends. Today, along with normal enamel pins, you can also get personalized lapel pins. These pins can show have your logo, name or even your picture on them. 

Personalized lapel pins give you a unique look. These pins are so much in trend that people usually own at least one personalized lapel pin. Along with it, keeping in mind the high demand of enamel pins and their increasing rates, people are now trying to make their own enamel pins. You can either craft them for your own or set up a small business using your enamel pins. They are not the easy nut to crack, but once you have the experience, it is as easy as having your daily meal.

Before initiating to make your own enamel pins, you will certainly have numerous questions in your mind. One of the most important of all the questions is how to make your own enamel pins? Is it hard to craft an enamel pin? Will I be able to make my personalized lapel pin?

These questions may surround your mind and to overcome such questions, make sure to get through this article thoroughly. 

How to make my own lapel pin?

If you are working to make your own enamel pin, then the first thing that you need is patience. This process can test your nerves, and you will get past it only if you stay calm. Crafting an enamel pin can take up to many steps, and you need to follow each step quite carefully.

1. Pin Design

First thing first, you need to design your pin the way you want to look. You may proceed with making a sketch on paper, or you can also use a computer for this task. Designing your pin is the only thing that will decide how your final product will look like. If you want your personalized lapel pin to look good, spend extra time designing your enamel pin. 


Make a tattoo in your mind before putting it on the paper. Choose at least five colors according to the demand, and pick the best out of the rest. 


After finalizing colors and tattoos, make a digital file where you can save them as a backup. 

Before moving to the next step, keep one thing in mind. Better quality fetches better results.

2. Pin Production

While moving for the pin production, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. 


The first thing that you need to keep in mind is the number of pins that you will be producing. You cannot certainly set up everything for crafting a single enamel pin. It is better to make sure the quantity of pin production so that you get the perfect amount of raw material.

Step Two (SIZE)

The next step you need to follow is the sizing of those personalized lapel pins. Especially if you are doing this as a business, then you must keep in mind all the common sizes. Most people prefer to wear enamel pins from 1 to 2 inches, but a certain population prefers to wear bigger than 2 inches. So, before crafting your enamel pins, keep in mind the size of your enamel pins.

Step Three (HARD OR SOFT)

The next thing that is essential to follow while making enamel pins is the type of pins that you are making. There are only two types of enamel pins available in the market, either soft or hard. It depends on you that what type of pins you want to put on. If you are taking this as a business, make sure to craft both kinds of enamel pins. It will help you to run a successful business.

Step Four (PIN BACK)

Mostly enamel pins uses single back, but some prefer pins with a double back that provides extra strength to your enamel pins. So, it is on you that what kind of enamel pin you want to produce.


If you are crafting an enamel pin for your own, then you should skip this step. But, if making personalized lapel pins is your business, then you must go for designing good packaging for your lapel pins. So make sure that your enamel pin packaging is as good as the quality of your enamel pin.

These steps will help you to craft some of the amazing enamel pins. But, the thing that you keep in mind is that if it is your first attempt, then go for small production.


This article contains everything from crafting pins to the packaging of your enamel pins. Going through the article will surely help you to craft your personalized lapel pins. We have added more or less everything that beginners need to know before making their own enamel pins. But, if you still face any difficulty, then do let us know. We will try to resolve all of your issues.


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