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How to Match Your Windows with the Right Blinds - Our Guide

Choosing the perfect window blinds is a daunting task due to several factors. Read this article to know more about it.

Choosing the perfect window blinds is a daunting task due to several factors. Aside from covering the window frame entirely, you must match its colour with the wall, and its design must blend with the overall feel.

Here’s a quick guide to help you select the right blind for each window in your home. 

The beauty of the bay windows 

Bay windows in any room will add character and charm. Since it is bigger than typical windows, it extends the view of the exterior while allowing more light to enter inside the house. However, while these windows are fantastic focal points in your home, its size makes it challenging to pair with standard blinds. 

Therefore, customized blinds are available to address the size of bay windows without losing natural light. There’s a wide array of screens you can choose from to match the traditional or contemporary designs of your room. 

What are the ideal blinds for bay windows? 

Roman blinds deliver an elegant aesthetic while maintaining an antique look. You can customize one blind per window panel to properly follow the bay window’s shape and have them fold up neatly if you want a better view of the outdoors. 

These blinds also allow you to control the amount of light that enters the room because there are no leaks on the edges of the window. It’s best to pair the stylish and practical Roman blinds with blackout lining for a cosier feel inside. Meanwhile, insulation linings will help reduce heat loss through the window. 

Roller blinds, on the other hand, work well with windows that don’t have stacking space above. It takes lesser space than Roman blinds, and its compact design makes it versatile not to obstruct the outside view. You can angle the blinds to allow light to enter the room and block the view from the exterior. 

Keep cords away from children 

As much as possible, do not attach cords to the blinds in children’s bedrooms or playrooms. Instead, you can use window sills to regulate sunlight in a clutter-free manner. There’s also the Perfect Fit blind that clips onto window frames without the need for drilling. This option looks like a natural part of the window and allows the individual opening of each blind for better light control. 

Vertical blinds for wide windows 

You can adjust the amount of light that enters the room while getting a full view outside by tilting the vertical blinds across the rail. These blinds are also ideal for big windows because of its multiple fixing points. Though roller blinds may work, it can bow in the centre to cause ripples. 

Wooden Venetian blinds can cover the big window as well, but it is heavy to lift. You must only move these blinds when you are to clean the window. However, while its slates can funnel sunlight to a concentrated space, constantly moving them will diminish its reliability. 

Blinds for your conservatory 

You will need blinds to efficiently cut ample sunlight out of the brightest room in your house. To do so, measure the length and width of all the window panes in your conservatory to equip them with blinds of the right size. The blind’s thickness is also a vital factor because thicker ones are heavier, which makes it harder to support their weight. Finally, look at how the blinds look when light passes through because they may look different because of the hue on the shade. 

Where to find blinds 

You can find the right blinds for your bay or conservatory windows at Waverly. Its signature Waverly look of florals, plaids, and stripes is synonymous to American décor, and their window covers get high praise from home decor experts.

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