How to Paint the Exterior Walls of Your House?

The exterior of your home no longer suits you? Do you want to repaint your walls? It is a good idea to go for it and book exterior paint services online.

You can find a wide range of companies online that offer affordable, reliable, and efficient Painter services. However, if you want to paint the exterior of your home yourself, continue reading for a complete guide.

How to Prepare Your Exterior Walls for the Repaint

To repaint your exterior walls, you will have to remove all removable items such as the letterbox, exterior lamps, and garden furniture placed near the walls. After completing this step, you will need to clean the facades, which can be done using a high-pressure washer.

You will also need to ensure you make any necessary repairs if your walls contain holes or cracks. You can then fill them with caulking. Eventually, you will have to apply a coat of primer to all surfaces. When the latter is dry, you will have completed the preparations for your walls.

Exploring Painting Ideas

If you are struggling with how to choose the best ideas for paint, search online, and you will find a wide range of amazing ideas. You can use the idea which appeals to your aesthetics and complements your home's overall feel.

On the other hand, when you book exterior paint services offered by a company such as Mr. Mahir, you will never have to find ideas or buy the equipment

What Type of Paint to Choose for Exterior Surfaces?

Initially, choosing the type of paint that best suits your home will depend on the current state of the walls. If the surfaces are very irregular, it is better to choose an effect or structured paint. This is because structured painting will create a more rustic effect, making it very useful for older walls that have undergone repairs.

You will then only have to choose the desired finish; brushed, fiber-reinforced, or with grains ... the possibilities are numerous!

Also, you can search online for exterior paint ideas and choose the paint type accordingly. For instance, if you select an idea that requires smooth paint, you will know that it is the type you have to buy. This type of paint is generally applied for walls in good condition that require little or no repair.

If your wall is in a relatively damp location, you should apply an anti-foam underlayment before proceeding to the painting stage. In any case, know that these materials are elastic and will protect your walls well from humidity.

The Necessary Equipment

The professionals who offer exterior painting services come with their equipment, but when you are doing the painting, you need to equip yourself accordingly. We recommend purchasing a unique facade roller, which varies in thickness depending on the type of surface.

For an optimal result, do not hesitate to call a specialist who will come to do your painting work.

Paint the Exterior Wall of Your Home in 13 Steps

Here is a summary of the steps for an exterior wall painting project:

1) Choose the type of paint you are going to apply on the walls;

2) Gather the necessary equipment for exterior painting;

3) Remove all removable parts;

4) Clean the exterior walls;

5) Make the necessary repairs (sand, fill the holes);

6) Apply a coat of primer (except for stains);

7) Apply an anti-foam undercoat (if necessary);

8) Start with the sections located in the shade;

9) Alternate between roller and brush (depending on the type of surface);

10) Start at the top of the wall;

11)Let the paint layer dry;

12) Make the other layer (s);

13) Paint window frames and doors.

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