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Recessed lighting is the combination of style and structure which provides an elegant look to the room or space. It is installed in the ceilings and provide a direct downward light into the room.

Recessed lighting is the combination of style and structure which provides an elegant look to the room or space. It is installed in the ceilings and provide a direct downward light into the room.

Recessed lights are also known as puck lights, can lights, pot lights or hat lights which comes in different shapes and sizes along with unique designs to display an ethereal look depending upon the shape and size of your own space to enhance its beauty.

There are two main components of recessed lighting, the housing and the trim. The housing is installed into the ceiling and isn’t visible to eyes. The trim is slightly outwards and a thin line is visible. Choosing the right kind of housing is a tricky part as you must check the requirements based upon the electric connections. Trim is usually chosen by looking at your place and space or depending upon your own choice. The choice is open for selection. Yet, it is necessary to know what are the basic requirements for you before you make your choice.

There are two basic types of recessed lighting housings that you must be aware of. The first one is New Construction Housing. It is used when you have full access to space where you need to place it. Like the wall/floor/ceiling as you don’t need to remove the plaster or sheetrock to access to beams where you need to put it. It is not difficult to fit as you can easily put them between joist beams or onto hanger bars from T-Bar or drop ceilings.

On the other hand, Remodel Housing is used when you are using the already given space which is limited to access and mostly you need to make an effort to remove the plaster or sheetrock which later needs fixing. Usually it is used in apartments or homes where you plan to renovate or change the lighting plan.

Another aspect is to select the right housing by differing between IC-Rated component or the Non-IC Rated component. IC mean insulation contact. An IC rating means that the fixture can come in direct contact with thermal insulation. Whereas, in non-insulation contact rating, the fixture doesn’t come in direct contact with thermal insulation and there should be at least 3 inches distance from any insulation.

The next component is to figure out whether you want to have the line voltage or low voltage. Line voltage operates directly off of the normal household 120 volt current. There is no need for the dimmers or the transformers. Line voltage is best for high ceilings when you need to illuminate the room generally, just not specifically. 150W bulb can be used easily.

Low voltage recessed lighting is better energy saver as it uses 12 volt current instead of 120 volt current. Besides that, you can use dimmer as well to set the illumination or brightness in the room. A special transformer is used for the reduction of voltage.

After housing, comes the trim. The trim is available is different sizes and the selection is entirely based upon you. It is a visible part of light therefore, suitable choice adds beauty for the viewer. Larger trims give broader spectrum of light where smaller trims don’t. The selection for trims depend upon the size and the need of light in the room. There is a vast variety of trims some of those names are, baffle, reflector, adjustable, shower, wall-washed and decorative. Even in these trims are available stylish designs which enhance the beauty of the places.

The last but not the least is the light bulb. Preferably, LED recessed lighting will be the best choice when it comes to style your homes. As LED lights are non-heated and energy savers, and comes in different colours, one can not go away with choices as such.

Usually, recessed or pot lights are used to increase the illumination in the room, but too many can spoil the look. So, how many pot lights do I need? If the room is well-lit with natural lights because of broad windows, less pot lights will do enough. But if your room or space is darker or dwells in the corner of the house or a building, you need to set pot lights at different corners so that your place is well-lit and bright.

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