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How to Send a Large File Through Yahoo Email

Yahoo is most usable search engine and nowadays most of the people are using the Yahoo search engine for the searching anything.

Sharing files through Yahoo has always been a very simple task. However, the problem arises when you have to send a large file using Yahoo email. For this purpose, you can use the Dropbox facility provided with Yahoo mail which can be used to send files of larger size. For more information about Dropbox, you can also call at the Yahoo customer service number.

When you use the Dropbox facility with Yahoo, it allows you to:

  • Directly attach files from Dropbox

  • Attach large files up to 150 MB by uploading them to Dropbox.

  • Save email attachments to the Dropbox.

To use these features, there is no need to sign into Dropbox. You just have to approve ‘linking’ your Dropbox account with your Yahoo account. Then when you will use Dropbox in Yahoo mail you have to give permission to link your accounts. When you will link your Dropbox and Yahoo accounts, you will get automatically signed into your Dropbox account when you will sign into your Yahoo mail.

You can link your Dropbox to Yahoo mail using the given steps:

  • Log in to

  • Click the icon of your profile picture.

  • Then click settings and click on the ‘Connected apps’ tab.

  • Now under Contact Services’, click ‘Connect to your Yahoo mail account’.

Also, Yahoo doesn’t get access to the data of your Dropbox till you have picked files to attach to your email.

In case you don’t want to use Dropbox anymore then you can unlink your Dropbox account from your Yahoo mail by applying the given steps:

  • Log in to

  • Click on your profile picture icon.

  • Click on settings and then choose the ‘Connected apps’ tab.

  • Now, click disconnect given to the right of your linked Yahoo mail account.

This is how you can send larger size files through Yahoo mail using Dropbox facility. It is a great tool to share files with others. You just need to upload the file to Dropbox and then share the link with the other person who can easily download it from there. If you are facing any issues or difficulty in sharing files using Dropbox then you can simply dial the Yahoo support phone number where our technicians will give answers to all your queries related to Yahoo.

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