How To Show Flawless Curb Appeal To Potential Buyers of Your Home?

In selling real estate, it is of utmost importance to make an excellent first impression with what you show the potential buyers.

 In that exact moment, they decide whether the offer is worth considering or not. To capture their full attention, you must give them something they will get excited about. That something is breathtaking curb appeal. It gives the house that X factor that potential buyers appreciate and if it is beautifully done, they are half way to closing the deal.  How to achieve it? Here are some clues.

Curb Appeal, What Is it?

Curb appeal can be defined as how attractive  the exterior of one property is when you take a look at it from the street. It is a matter of subjective opinion because everyone has a different taste and differently appreciates physical assets. However, if it is symmetrical, full of greenery and life as well as pleasant ambience it will undoubtedly attract people’s attention. 

Why Is Curb Appeal Important?

There is a simple answer to this: it raises expectations of potential buyers. It makes them curious about the inside and the more they are attracted by it, the more they would be interested in taking a look inside. So, it is safe to safe that curb appeal is a powerful marketing tool that realtors use to advertise a property. If it is done the right way, it will give that “wow” factor that will sell the house fast.

How to Achieve the “WOW” Factor in Curb Appeal?

You can start by improving some aspects of the exterior by adjusting them to the extent that they are becoming a focal point. Here is an example from where to start.

Luscious Greenery

The garden on the property should provide healthy and beautiful greenery all year around. The trees, bushes and plants should be trimmed in perfect shape, and their foliage should be flawlessly glowing. Landscaping is one of the methods you can use to add texture and diversity in the garden. Also, make sure that all of the grass is freshly mowed, and if there are bare patches, you might consider artificial turf. Finally, get rid of the whole eyesore, for example, overgrown and dying bushes.

Driveway in Excellent Condition

It is essential that the driveway is not in poor condition because if it is full of weeds or cracks, it won’t present the state of the house in the best light possible. So, you need to fix this, and the best part is that it is just an hour work and it won’t cost you much of the budget.

Lots of Lighting

In order to create a luxurious feeling, lots of lighting will hit the jackpot for real. Ambient lights, lots of lamps and carefully installed light bulbs will create a welcoming and warm atmosphere that will be most attractive in the time frame of twilight. However, since the twilight time is only a frame of 20 minutes or so when the sun begins to set, it is impossible to capture that feel.

Fortunately, you can ask a virtual twilight staging designer to digitally transform a photo of the exterior of your home, taken at any time during day time, in a photo as if it was taken at twilight. It would be your most excellent marketing tool to advertise your house, and it will guarantee to make it appealing for your potential buyers.

Virtual twilight staging is very common and can be seen as part of the portfolios of real agents and houses they are selling as it gives that luxurious feel about the house. In fact, if you take a look in real estate magazines you will see numerous photos of houses during twilight which are most certainly digitally edited and enhanced. 

It is important to add that in no way it provides a fake representation of the curb appeal of the house because it doesn’t change the setting, it only enhanced the beauty of it. 

The Bottom Line

making sure that the curb appeal is mesmerising is the first step towards selling the house. It makes such a huge difference when it comes to first impressions, and it is widely known that first impressions are often the deciding factor when buying a house.

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