How to solve Outlook send receive error

How to solve Outlook send receive error?

The outlook is one of the many great services that are provided by Microsoft itself. It has an elegant user interface along with superior features that make it quite perfect.

But it also causes trouble due to its in mail problems, one being unable to send or receive messages. This may occur due to several reasons. In today's blog, we will discuss some ways that may tell you how to solve this Outlook send receive error.

Methods to fix your Outlook send receive error

  1. Disable the windows firewall-Make sure that you disable the device's firewall and any other protective measures as these may interrupt the mail platform causing this error. You can disable the firewall using the steps given below. Make sure that you turn it back on once the problem is resolved.
  • Select the control panel and click on the "network connections" option.
  • Click on the network connection that is currently in use and click on properties.
  • From there, turn off the firewall option that is right under the security tab.
  1. Check for suspicious emails-This error may also occur if somehow a malicious email ends up in your inbox. You can try to remove any such type of mail from your Outlook mail inbox to fix this send receive error.
  1. Re-configure the email settings-Follow the steps given below to correct the email settings
  • Click on file after you open Outlook.
  • Tap on the account settings option.
  • In the next window, click on change that is just under account settings.
  • Next up, click on more settings and choose the outgoing server.
  • Now, from there tick mark "my outgoing server SMTP requires authentication" option and the "log on to incoming server before sending mail" option.

You can also use this to fix the Yahoo mail not working with Outlook problem. Just switch the settings, use Yahoo mail server settings instead of Outlook.

  1. Delete sent files and change server time-out

You can use this method if none of the method mentioned above works;

  • Click on the file option in Outlook.
  • Now follow this chain of commands, file>account settings>account setting>change>more settings>advanced.
  • Once you reach advanced settings, you can increase the timeout limit for the server with ease.

These are some of the ways by which you can fix this error.

For any further queries, visit the official webpage of Microsoft.

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