Troubleshoot Windows Error 0x80070015

How to Troubleshoot Windows Error 0x80070015?

Windows error 0x80070015 can Occur whether the operation hasn't been initialized properly. This is usually an internal programming error, and there's not anything much that an end-user can perform. Nevertheless, as this error is seen when running Windows Update, Windows Defender or Microsoft Store, or during Windows setup, we recommend that you tackle the subsequent operations.

Fix error 0x80070015 onto Windows 10


Before you begin, Restart the computer and try again and see If that helps. If not, then proceed with the various fixes for Microsoft Store, Windows Update, or even Windows Defender:


· Windows Updates.


O Run Windows Update Troubleshooter.


O Gently reset Windows Update components.


· Microsoft Store.


O Kill the procedures linked to PowerISO.


O Reregister Microsoft Store programs


o Reset the Microsoft Store.


· Windows Defender.


O Eliminate any third-party antivirus installed.


1] Windows Updates


[i] Run Windows Update troubleshooter


Use the Windows Update Troubleshooter or Microsoft's Online Windows Update Troubleshooter to discover and fix any conflicts for Windows Updates automatically.


[ii] Manually reset Windows Update files & folders


You need to delete the contents of the SoftwareDistribution folder & reset the Catroot2 folder to fix your issues. They feature a few temporary system files which are accountable for applying updates to a computer. They comprise data that support Windows Updates as well as installers for new components.


You may also reset Windows Update components along with the Windows Update Agent manually.


2 ] Microsoft Store


[I] Kill the processes associated with PowerISO


Open the Windows Task Manager. Select More details.


Look for each process For the PowerISO computer software.


Right-click onto it and Select the End process tree.


[ii] Reregister Microsoft Store apps


Run the next Command within an elevated PowerShell window into reregister Microsoft Store programs:


3] Restart your PC and check.


[iii] Change the Microsoft Store


Reset the Microsoft Shop by using the were set command. Make sure to execute this on PowerShell or Command Prompt as an Administrator. If not that, you can reset the Microsoft Store app from the Settings program.


4] Windows Defender


[I] Removal of any third party antivirus installed


You can try to uninstall AVG Antivirus or any other third party antivirus installed on your computer. This is only because these installations of third party antivirus can often Interrupt the scanning process for Windows Defender. The most famous culprits, In this case, would be the antiviruses from McAfee and Norton.

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