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How To Write a Guest Blogging? Check out the list of guest blogging sites

The main fact is that, what is guest blogging. The act of writing content for another company or website.

The main fact is that, what is guest blogging. The act of writing content for another company or website.


Why should we write a guest blogging?

  1. Attract traffic back to their website.
  2. Boost their domain authority using external links to high authority domains.
  3. Increase their brand capability and awareness.
  4. Build a relationship with peers in their industry.



Why guest blogging is important in business?

   1. You can establish yourself as an authority figure within a market.

   2. Build a relationship with other thought leaders in your field.

  3. Expose your brand to a new audience

  4. Deliver new perspectives

  5. Deliver fresh content to your audience.

   6. It is a great way to keep readers engaged, but not to mention the promotional boost.

    7. It can help you offer new content reader without much additional time of yours and effort needed by your team.


Get started with Google Blogging

1. Look for industry rb_blog by the non-competitive company where you can deliver real insight to readers.

2. We write primarily for our partners as part of our marketing strategy.

3. Develop relationships with companies we hope to have a partnership in the future.

4, Research is necessary for guest blogging.



One of the most important ranking factors in search engine optimization and will be for the foreseeable future.



Link placement

Your link will be placed within the body of the article, relevant to the surrounding context and supporting the article. The author includes a link explaining the background within the bio.

Natural link for the reader for your website, and should support your post.


Anchor Text in SEO

It is a hyperlinked word.

Example of anchor text-


1.Branded name: your brand’s name i.e, Page One Power.

If you want to write a certain page to rank for social media marketing’ Google, then you might want to have lots of links with that particular anchor phrase pointing to that certain page.

In order to build links with a natural profile of anchor text you must have links that are not only SEO focused cause it’s not possible for all the people to use the same anchor to linked with your page. Natural profile means there should be different profiles. Like social media marketing page is linked with different social media marketing anchor text.


Add keyword to rich anchor text

Anchor text should analyze your current link profile for your entire site and the anchor text usage. One thing to remind in mind that, you would be asked to pay for the published content by the bloggers. This payment is against Google’s policies.

You need to buy a domain and then make it an authority website. There is nothing wrong in buying a domain and then make it an authority website. You can buy an old, expired domain and need hard work to make it authority website. This is a money grab by SEO which main concern is selling more links.

PBNs, in a nutshell, are web sites that were built privately that means Google shouldn’t know there is a single owner. Its goal is to serve as a source of backlinks for the main website.

A website that has engaged is PBNs.Auditing a website or link provider I should consider some tips and they are-

  1. List of websites:

Most PBN and dropped domain owners have a huge list of website tender similar content. If a webmaster replies with a large list of other domains they can’t for you to post on, they’re not the type of sites you want to be on.


     2.Domain name:

You should analyze the domain’s name. Domain’s name should be good and understandable.


   3.Domain history:

One should review the domain’s history. If you are analyzing a website, check the sites historical bank link profile with a bank link checker.



Valuable websites should have decent traffic. If you want links from websites, first you have to see how a website is doing? First of all, the search is to request access to search console and google analytics.



A good website should have a good link profile. Check google shows for the domain search query time we will be able to qualify suspicious websites with young but qualified websites.

You may want to write an SEO optimized article that your readers might find helpful your guest post can rank in search give you and your brand some extra awareness and maybe even clicks, depending on traffic jam. It understands your audience for better engagement and conversions.

Here are few things to look before guest blogging-

1. Blog and bloggers should have a slew of followers who are active in comments, sharing rb_blog with their networks and otherwise in engaging with content.

2. They have a Facebook account Twitter account where they share their own blog posts regularly.

3. They have high domain authority that would amplify own SEO rankings.

4. Their industry and expertise are complementary to your own.

5. Use keywords when searching for rb_blog to publish on like- marketing guest post.


Guest blogging impact on SEO

Guest blogging can be a great tool for building your domain authority and moving up in SEO rankings if you are a concern and careful and considerate about creating high-value guest rb_blog for legitimate websites. Guest blogging can risk their business because of ‘slam bloggers’, who try to bribe blog owners into letting them post low-quality content for their own link building and SEO link.

Google page rank is only an algorithm so it can tell the difference between dynamic content and spam

High-quality guest blogging look like-

1. It has value-added for audiences, not as an advertisement.

2. Your guest blog should be intended to educate your reader, not promote your own product or service.

3. If the talk is irrelevant to your product or service but still helpful, there’s no doubt you can publish it.

4.there is the difference between selling yourself and offering helpful and actionable information to your readers.

5. Write guest rb_blog with the purpose of establishing yourself as an authority figure in your field and introducing your name to a new audience and building genuine relationships with other bloggers or businesses.


Guest blogging strategy:

Here are a few tricks to help enhance guest blogging strategy-

1. Write a clear and concise bio.

2. Try to include at least one relevant internal links, which can relate to your guest post.

3. Conclude each post with a call to action that asks readers to leave comments.

4. The more people comment and share your blog, the more popular your post will become in an SEO search.

5. Promote your guest blog post on your own social media networks,

6. Use google analytics to track how much traffic your guest post is generating. This will give your idea about the reader wants to hear from you or not and see what is working for your business.


Here we have enlisted some best guest posting blog sites. Check out the list below…..

  1. NoticeExpress.Com
  2. NewsReviewsTips.Com
  3. DronesWithCamera.Reviews
  4. SearchEngineOptimization.Com.Bd
  5. GardenCart.Net

If you want to more list of the guest blogging site click to find a huge list of sites:


Following tips will help you avoid writing or accepting spam content and in turn, reap the true benefits of guest blogging. And always keep developing content that’s remarkable.

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