How You Can Afford the Most Expensive Dental Procedures

While many dental procedures seem expensive up front, they provide lifelong benefits to your dental and overall health.

Dental treatments aren’t cheap. You could end up spending tens of thousands of dollars in some situations. That doesn’t mean that you should avoid these treatments. There are several ways you can save on dental procedures. 

The following are some of the most expensive dental procedures and tips on how you, too, can afford to get these procedures. 

1. Porcelain veneers 

There aren’t many dental insurance policies that cover this procedure. The cost will, therefore, most likely come out of your pocket. Veneers, however, are worth the price. They are a quick and painless solution to a brighter smile. They are an excellent investment in your self-esteem and confidence. 

An excellent way to make the process more affordable is to seek an affordable dentist. You should also find out if the dentist offers a financing program or discounts for the procedure. 

2. Braces 

This orthodontic treatment often falls under the bracket of elective dental treatments. Your insurance may, therefore, not cover the full cost or may not cover the cost of braces at all. There are also various age restrictions that insurance companies place on the cover for braces.
There are a wide variety of braces. Clear teeth aligners are one of the best options, especially for teens and adults. Seek a dentist that offers these aligners at an affordable price. Many dentists provide a month-to-month mode for payments. You should also look into discounts to save even more. 

3. Dental crowns 

Dental crowns may not be the most expensive procedure out there but are ranked on the higher side when compared to regular dental treatment such as fillings. Many people also consider them costly because most insurance policies don’t cover them. People, therefore, often put getting dental crowns off for as long as possible. The problem is that when they do get them, their case has become more complex, and they will need more intensive treatment on top of getting dental crowns. 

Whether it is front tooth crown cost or the cost of crowns for other teeth, you can make treatment more affordable by having it completed sooner. It will preserve the health of the tooth and help you avoid complications. You should also look into finding an affordable dentist or one that offers discounted rates. 

4. Oral surgery 

Wisdom tooth extraction is a common form of oral surgery required by most people. Other oral procedures include jaw surgery and sinus lifts. 

These procedures can only be carried out by specialist dentists. They require the right operating environment as well as sedation. Wisdom tooth extraction cost can, therefore, quickly add up. 

Some insurance policies provide some level of cover for these procedures. If you don’t have insurance cover, look for an affordable dentist. You should also discuss alternatives to the surgery or options that will reduce the costs, e.g., would general anesthesia costs less than local anesthesia. 

5. Dental implants 

Although these offer the best return on investment as they can last for a lifetime. They can, however, be very costly upfront.
Discuss more affordable alternative treatments with your dentists, such as dentures or bridges. You can also seek an affordable dentist or one that offers discounts or financing options for the procedure. Some dentist allows you to pay in installments for the implants. 

While many dental procedures seem expensive up front, they provide lifelong benefits to your dental and overall health. They are, therefore, a good investment in your health. It’s essential to seek ways to help you afford the treatments instead of avoiding them altogether. You will be saving money in the long run by having the procedures done sooner rather than later. 

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