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A recent conversation with a friend sparked off my curiosity when she lamented about how most residential apartments in electronic city are not well-equipped to handle a work-from-home atmosphere. This set me off thinking about what exactly a work from home atmosphere constitutes and how exactly are our homes going to be designed in the future to meet this need. With the ongoing pandemic, most organizations have had no option but to allow their employees to work from home.

Even after the pandemic recedes, this might be a long-term option for many as both organizations and employees have discovered the joys of working from home. According to a survey conducted by a California based company, there has been a 47% increase in employee productivity when working from home. Now that it is inevitable and may continue for much longer, here’s what you should know when you plan on buying a home to ensure that it is work-from-home friendly.

Open Space

While working from home, it is quite easy for many of us to feel cloistered if living in flats that resemble tiny cubicles. Hence, always make sure that your flat is so designed that it makes the best possible use of the available space and has large open spaces where you can have your dedicated work station.

Zero wall sharing

To avoid any external disturbance, properties like Mahendra Aarna make sure that there is no wall sharing with your neighbors. This would ensure your privacy and prevent disruption during your work.


Go for well-ventilated homes to ensure maximum productivity. It has been reported that low lighting levels can even cause depression.

Power Backup

Gone are the days when your superior would accept excuses like no power. To avoid falling into their bad books, look for those residential apartments in Bangalore which have power backup so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted supply of electricity and the internet while you work.

Green Spaces

From time immemorial, it has been widely reported that merely looking at nature can improve productivity and help our brain work better. The color green is known to evoke a sense of calm and restfulness. It would be wise to look for apartments that have an extensive green cover in the form of gardens. Some developers like Mahendra homes have 77% open space and even have private gardens for their residents.

Meditation Court

Organizations like Nike and Google have understood the importance of meditation quite long ago and even have special rooms within the office, exclusively for meditating. It has been widely reported to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression and enhance decision making. Hence, apartments that have a designated meditation court would ease your work from home situation.


Mahendra homes are one such developer who is extremely farsighted in their approach and has implemented all this and much more in their properties like Mahendra Aarna, Elena, and Elena-5. We believed and continue to do so that a home is not just bricks but a place where you can be yourself with your loved ones. To know more book a visit.



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