Important E-Mail Marketing Strategies For 2021

Important E-Mail Marketing Strategies For 2021 | DotCreative

Digital marketing services follows different methods to grow your brand. One such technique is e-mail marketing. In this blog we discuss important e-mail marketing strategies.

E-mail or electronic mail marketing is a form of digital marketing service, where you send emails to your different newsletter subscribers on their respective email addresses. With videos, chatbots, and social media gaining importance, most of us think of email marketing strategy as dead.

But the reality is wide apart; according to a survey of 2018, email marketing is ranked as the best marketing campaign leaving behind SEO servicessocial media marketing, and affiliate marketing.

Being a top digital marketing agency, we know the importance of creating a robust digital marketing strategy. You need to frame a balance between different online marketing services and promote your products or services online.

Digital marketing benefits you to reach new heights of success, where through different channels you target the customers to get higher sales return in the future.

When you opt for email marketing, apart from transactional email, you can send emails describing any update you want your potential customers to know and gain customer loyalty. But before starting any campaign, you should keep in mind you are a guest in their inbox, so act decently and follow all the marketing guidelines.

A quick guide to get started on email marketing.

When you follow these steps, we are quite sure you will get a successful email marketing technique. As per a lot of queries, many entrepreneurs do not know how to do it correctly.

Don't worry; we are here with the step by step guide that you need to follow:

  • Ask for permission: Before you start for any campaign, you need to get consent from your subscriber. For getting any email address, you must have a specific reason for getting it. Some companies offer some giveaways, whereas some simply offer products or services update.

    After all, you need to focus on increasing the address count, so we can't say which method is correct; you need to figure it out. Just posting "enter your email for updates" is of no use; the content writing plays an important role here. It is the content that gets you the subscriptions and permissions. Try to explain to your audience why signing up with emails is necessary and can benefit them.

    You need to create a strong call to action buttons and convince them about the benefits of digital media and email subscriptions.
  • Focus on the quality of content: The content draws most users to open your email and read the details in it. So you need to have a great content writing strategy and choose the topics in which the users will genuinely be interested.

    When it comes to the subject line, it should be the most appealing and engaging one. It acts as the title, so you need to have a vital subject that convinces the reader to read further.

    Another aspect of it can be the time duration you send mails. Maybe you send a weekly update, and your readers want a daily update, you need to follow up to check on their content requirements and frame the content accordingly.
  • Analytics and segmentation: After you got the permissions from your subscribers to send emails and then we sent great content. Now comes the turn to take our marketing to the all-new level. It is now time to understand email marketing analytics. Just like any other web copy analytics, we have email analytics as well.

You have to check for open rate, click-through rate, and unsubscribe and accordingly classify your subscribers on the basis of:

  1. Open rate: Check if the reader just opened the mail and found it uninteresting and left.
  2. Click through rate: The readers who read the complete content and found it interesting.

With proper analytics and segmentation of your subscribers, you can really make good use of email marketing.

After you have understood the necessary steps to start with email marketing, we want you to go through some of the important email marketing strategies to benefit you in the long run.

Effective E-mail Marketing Strategies to Generate More Sales

  • Deliver something valuable: People generally do not give their email address everywhere until they feel it's a requirement. So you need to deliver something valuable to increase your email count. The more the number of email subscribers, the more is your website's credibility. Offer something so enticing that the users are left with no choice instead of subscribing. For example- you can run some quiz tests and ask for an email address to deliver the result of the same.
  • Send mobile-friendly emails: Mobile phones are the future of digital marketing. You need to send mobile phones optimized emails as 57% of the users open emails on mobile phones. If they are not able to open it, you lose a great chance of converting your subscriber into your customer.
  • Re-engage inactive subscribers: There are obviously some inactive subscribers in your mailing list. You need to derive new ways to get them to engage again and give sales to your business. The first step to do is check the email subscribers who have not opened your mail for 3-6 months. Conduct individual polls and surveys to enquire about their requirements and promise them to deliver the same.
  • Segment your subscribers: It is one of the unavoidable steps where you need to classify your subscribers as per their requirements and send them the content of their choice. Assume you have 1000 subscribers, but all the subscribers are not there for the same reason. Segmentation helps you get a better click through and open rates.
  • Personalize your message: Do not always focus on sales; try to deliver something informative whereas providing it with your personalization, may it be the tone or the topic selection or the way of writing. If you are not personalizing your message, you are losing upon a significant section of your subscribers. Personalization does not always mean using the brand name it lot more. One great example of personalization of email messages is Amazon; it still sends messages related to our previous search query.
  • Occasionally send exclusive content: You should occasionally send exclusive content only to your email subscribers. It can be some offers, discounts or information, following this technique you can get more email subscribers. We are not saying to deliver all the exclusive content, but you should do this to make your subscribers happy once in a while. Exclusivity is one excellent marketing technique, and it will help you get more new subscribers.
  • Add urgency to your emails: If your emails put the recipients under pressure, there is a high chance of getting sales conversion. Sending mails like hurry up, few items left make them extra conscious, and they end up purchasing the product without wasting much time.
  • Send inviting welcome emails: Whenever a guest visits our house, we give them a warm welcome, similarly whenever a user subscribes to your email newsletter, you should write a welcoming message to make them feel important. If you do not treat them politely, they may get a negative impression and unsubscribe from your email.
  • Use call to actions buttons in each email: CTA buttons are highly beneficial as the readers can directly contact you for any further queries. The call to action button can be anything like the buy now button, read more button, or contact us button to make it easy for the user to carry on with the next activity.
  • Integrate social media and email: Email marketing is more beneficial when it is combined with social media marketing. Most of the email users are on social media too, and your competitors are also there. No buyer purchases a product from a single medium; they do thorough research on social media, email, blog, influencers. After that, they are buying the item.
  • Send emails at the right time: You should know your customers and accordingly choose a time gap between two messages sent. It can be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, or depending on your customers' requirements. You should not delay in sending e-mails because, as per their time table, they knowingly or unknowingly wait for your emails.

Summing it up

  • Email is still above social media marketing, search engine optimization, and affiliate marketing.
  • It is a great marketing campaign to gain customer loyalty.
  • Use great content for email marketing.
  • Send the content at regular intervals, preferably daily.
  • Run regular analytics and accordingly make your email subscribers list.
  • Call to action plays a vital role in email marketing.
  • For getting sales through email marketing, use social proofs.
  • Use personalized content in the email message.

DotCreative is the best digital marketing company in Kolkata, India who specializes in email marketing services as well. We have framed this blog from our personal experience in this field. I hope we have served many of your queries related to email marketing in this blog of ours. For any further questions and queries, you can contact us on 7980358244 or email us at

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