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Indori Poha May Soon Go Global and Albeit With a GI Tag

The Indori poha is one of the most delightful ways of starting the day. Its great taste and appetizing nature have been gaining wide recognition and set the spread of the food tradition of Indore in the whole world

We Indians believe in consuming a delicious breakfast instead of a light one. Many of us don’t even care about the afternoon meal being so fulfilling and focus more on breakfast instead.

Carrying a good meal load to the office is often not practical; hence, if the morning meal makes us full, we don’t worry about our hunger pangs in the afternoon.

Besides, we have a whole multiplicity of morning meal options. Poha is one of the most relished breakfast menus for us.

Poha is not only satisfying but also very delightful due to its savory taste. Indori poha, in particular, is getting unprecedented attention and is making its way to everyone’s daily menu.

Rice flakes, condiments, vegetables like onion, and a pinch of jeeravan masala make Indori poha a perfect choice for someone who wants to start his or her day with a great taste and a good feeling of energy and fullness.

Well, it is not the first time that some of the food items or dishes original to India have gone global. It is not even the first time that one such item has its regional tag; Hyderabadi biryani is a good example. The way Indori poha is assimilating in the daily morning meal of most Indians within India and abroad, it is set to gain global recognition with geographical indication (Gl) tag.

Know more about the GI tag

A geographical indication tag is given to products like industrial or hand-made goods as an indication of their place of origin.

It is meant to let the consumers know about the origin of the product. However, in the case of the food products, it serves the purpose of tracing the origin.

Indore as the paradise of food tradition

Indore is a place known for its food tradition. People who have a liking for savory delights acknowledge that Indore is the place of origin for many enjoyable dishes. Apart from savory and spicy foodstuffs, Indore is also home to sweet drinks like a sweet milk-based drink, milk shikanji.

Many packaged snacks like laung sev, i.e., a clove-flavored thin and short, crispy noodle snack, have originated from the city of Indore.

Poha, although it originated from the state of Maharashtra, has spread its charm in the state of Madhya Pradesh, mainly in the city of Indore. It is from Indore where the dish has been made widely popular throughout the country and is getting some foothold abroad.

Indori poha is definitely going to be the next iteration in the list of local food items to have gained global recognition.

The ‘Indori’ part of the phrasal word will continue to give the phrase its geographical title.

What else is adding to the process of GI tagging?

GI tagging in the tagging purpose of manufacturing a product is intended for commercial reasons. However, in case a food item, e.g., Hyderabadi biryani, gets national or international recognition, such an indication is regarded as a way to trace its origin.

In the case of the Indori poha, although it started with the popularisation of the dish, its commercialization is also adding to it going global. Many firms sell Indori poha online through their eCommerce channels. So, now you can also buy poha online from various websites along with its taste-intensifying additives like jeeravan masala.


The Indori poha is one of the most delightful ways of starting the day. Its great taste and appetizing nature have been gaining wide recognition and set the spread of the food tradition of Indore in the whole world. Along with the dish’s popularity, its commercialization is another factor for the dish gaining the geographical indication tag.

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