Greece Golden Visa Programme

Investing in Greece made much easier with Greece’s new changes to its Greece Golden visa program


 Greece was among the first countries where the pandemic affected. However, they successfully contained the spread of the virus breaking its chain and stood as a role model for the whole world. The country started helping its neighbours too in the process by providing both medical and financial help. They brought in required regulations to contain the spread which included regular monthly tests for every business worker irrespective of their designations. Greece also brought in the necessary changes to their Business or Real Estate Investment Immigration Visa.

It’s a stunning country. Both its cities and villages are unique. The country is quite diverse and has many interesting adventurous places to visit. The country is known for its architecture, beauty, culture and heritage. It produces 7% of the world’s marble. They are world leaders in producing olives. The country has many beautiful islands which is laden with amazing unique birds and animals. The climate in Greece is amazing attracting poets and writers to seek solace here. The country was house for many revolutionary sculptors. This country grants its residency in the form of Greece Golden Visa for all those who intend to invest in the real estate of the country. 

Investments across the boundaries is an interesting proposition. However, what makes it even more interesting are the challenges it brings about, access to markets and the returns that one gains from such investments. You as an investor will need to carefully or diligently look for the best investment opportunities and identify the benefits they carry. Most investment programs grant either the country’s residency or citizenship in exchange for the investments made. European investment immigration programs have some top programs satisfying both the investor and the country’s needs. Usually, the investor will have the right to choose to invest in either real estate of the country or in some business in the country. They can either start their own business or invest in a running business there, depending on their need.

The Greece Residency Visa program was started in the year 2013 and has gained good momentum in the coming years. You will need to invest in the real estate of the country and maintain it for a stipulated period. This program requires the investor to invest a minimum of Euro 250,000 in the country’s real estate. Once the application is approved, you will be granted a 5-year stay in the country. Post these 5 years, you can then proceed to apply for permanent residency there. Once, you have lived in the country for 7 years, you will be eligible for citizenship of the country. With citizenship, you get Greece passport, which is one of the powerful passports in the world. It allows you to travel to US visa free and have access to the whole of the Europe. One another impactful investment immigration program is the Portugal Golden Visa program. Greece also grants visa through business investment. 

Post Covid-19, Greece has changed certain regulations. While the core of the investment immigration program remains intact, the investor will not need to travel to Greece to invest nor process their visa. They simply can do so by issuing a Power of attorney. Once the investor applies for the program, he receives a Certificate of submission of Permanent Residency application which is a temporary Greek PR permit. This will be valid for a year and during that the one year, the investor will need to travel to Greece to submit their biometrics after which they would receive their Permanent residency of the country.

Investing in Greece would help you reap rental income and gain through capital appreciation of the properties. The reap cold be much higher in comparison to the investments made in Dubai. Greece also welcomes investments in business in Greece. If you are looking to invest in a business in Greece, you will need to identify the eligibility criteria for the same and proceed accordingly.

XIPHIAS Immigration can help you with your investments in Greece and help you obtain your PR in the process. We are a team of certified international investment specialists who have had the privilege of helping multiple clients of ours invest and gain residency or citizenship by investment in different countries. We ensure to provide solutions based on our clients needs.  


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