IVR Call Center Services

We are the recognized VOIP Service Providers offering the best IVR Call Center Software. Making commercial communication effective and affordable is our objective. Stay connected with your clients round the clock with our IVR Services.

IVR Call Center Services

Are you a business holder of a call center service? Are you willing to engage with every one of your clients without any delay? Then switching to our best VOIP Services in India will be the best option. Our Smartercall application is designed with all special features that will ease the complete call center workflow and get you the maximum productivity. By making use of our IVR Call Center Software, you will never miss any of the particular lead. You'll be notified with call alerts and will be kept in the know of the client information who tried reaching you.

Thinking about how to promote your products across the globe…Sathya Technosoft provides a solution for your promotion. The Smarter Call application blasts a recorded voice message to numerous clients in a single click. You can notify your existing clients on your future proceedings and emerging plans in your business to yield a good lead. The calls or the recorded voice messages are sent and received over the internet. We are the best VoIP providers in the market at a comprehensive price range.




Our VOIP Providers grants exceptional services and has more features which are known to simplify the business communication process. Greet your customers with an automated voice which will get you connected to the right department at the right time for better service. The call recording feature is one of the highlighted feature present in the IVR Call Center software which keeps a record of the call history and the required information which can be accessed at any time. So are you intended to set up a flourishing call center with the best customer support services? Then you can hire our VOIP Services in India.


The Smarter Call enables you to send a previously recorded voice message to an entire list of contacts in a short time. You can improve the revenue and find more leads in your business operations through our VoIP provider application. This is the best way to notify your employees about any information regarding your company. It has the most penetrative reach among the customers about your services. Being the VoIP providers we offer advanced calling, texting, video, and conferencing features at the best price.


Also, our Smartercall application has many additional features. The voice blast system furnished by VOIP Provider can cater thousands of messages to your existing client list is one of the advanced features. This will take your business requirement to everyone in your contact list in no time. IVR Call Center software will get you more business in a shorter duration. Apart from this, you will also experience missed call alert service, to notify the customers who tried reaching you, so that you will never miss contacting them. VOIP Services in India will keep your clients satisfied and will grant you better business reach and profits.

Smarter Call is an efficient and low-cost way of communication using your mobile phone. VoIP saves time on long-distance communication. It is an automated service and you can segment the contact list in sending the messages. You can schedule the call before sending it. It is one of the fast and reliable service in communication. Update your contacts on new products and services in your business. It is the best marketing tool for any business. As a VoIP provider, we ensure to take your product across the globe and yield good revenue. Our technical team will describe to you how smartercall is efficient and reliable for your business. Let make things more exciting with accurate and prompt communication over the internet.


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