Kindergarten enrolment ethics every aprent must know

Are you planning to enrol your child in a kindergarten? Wait. Do you know all the enrollment ethics for kindergarten? Don't worry if you are not aware. We will walk you through the things you must know before admitting your little one to a kindergarten school.

As your child's day to attend school draws near, you need to make sure that you are conversant with kindergarten admission rules and regulations. You would surely not want to land up on the day of registration without any knowledge of the requirements. Here are certain things to know before admitting your child to a kindergarten.

Your Child Should Be At Least 4 Years Old

Most kindergarten schools keep the minimum age to 4+. Make sure that is the official age of your child on or before 31st March. Some schools might even take children who are three years or older. Take care to check the admission brochure before proceeding to register your child's name. If your child has not reached, it is better to wait till the next session. There is no use in hurrying, as this might pull you into official complications. If you still wish to get your child admitted before they have reached the required age, you can get in touch with the school authorities to see if they will make an exemption.

Meeting These Characteristics Can Grant Your Child Early Admission

If you wish to get your child enrolled in a kindergarten early, check if they meet the following characteristics.

  • They should have a higher mental age than their actual age.
  • Your child should have a slightly higher IQ than what is normal for their age.
  • They can also get early admission to kindergarten if they have the desired aptitude.

However, there is no hurry to send them to school. You can wait for your child to reach the required age before setting their foot on the school premises.

Make Sure You Have The Required Documents

It is the most crucial thing before registering the name of your kid in a reputed kindergarten school. Have all the necessary documents in place. Here are certain documents that you need to get ready before admitting your child to a kindergarten.

  • Birth certificate. The birth certificate of your child is the only proof of their place. Make sure you keep it ready.
  • Photographs. Keep enough clear pictures of your child. You will need them to do all the official work.
  • The proof of your residential address. It can be required by the school to communicate with the parents when needed.
  • Some schools might even ask for the health and vaccination record of your child. Make sure it is updated.

Appear For The Interview

Interviews are an integral part of the enrollment ethics in kindergarten schools. Make sure you attend the interview with your little one. Most schools require parents to be present for the interview as well. Note down that date so that you do not miss it. 

Let Your Child Begin The Journey

Now that you have fulfilled all the requirements, it is time for your tiny tot to begin their school journey. A good kindergarten prepares your child well for their life ahead. GIIS offers the best kindergarten section in Noida that will make sure your child faces the outside world with confidence. Make sure you know all the ethics listen above so that the admission process goes on smoothly.


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