recover erased files from hard drive

Know How to Recover Erased Files from Hard Drive in Simple Steps

Files erased from the hard drive and now want to recover erased files. Get step by step guide here to recover erased files from hard drive. Its quite easy to get deleted, formatted, corrupted and erased files back in a healthy state.

While working on a Windows machine I accidentally deleted or erased files from a hard disk partition. Now, I want all my crucial data on my local disk. I do not know how can I recover deleted files from Ext4 partition as I do not have a data backup. Can anyone suggest me a simple and reliable solution to get back my erased data? Thanks in advance!!”

Are you also facing this issue while recovering erased files from hard drive under Windows OS? Searching for a trustworthy solution to perform data recovery? If yes, then do not worry, your search ends here! In this write-up, we will discuss a simple and instant solution to recover erased files from hard drive partition in an absolute way.

Possible Reasons Behind Data Lost

Partition loss is a very common issue of desktop users, as many reasons may lead to this problem. Here are some causes of data loss:

  • Partition deletion: Sometimes, users have mistakenly deleted a partition in Disk Management or disk partition manager software

  • Disk Drive formatting: Users can format or reformat the entire disk, after that, all disk partitions will be lost. It results in data erased from the disk.

  • Re-partition disk space: Initially, repartitioning drive wipe hard disk so that a new partition will be created on a particular disk.

  • Partition table error: Once the partition table is damaged or become invalid, then partition detail gets lost or corrupt, and the results in partition loss.

  • Bad Drive sectors: In many cases, hard drive with bad sectors may get unallocated or empty in Disk Management. If users will open the partition manager so they can find there is no partition on that disk.

  • System reinstallation: Whenever users try to reinstall the operating system, they asked to make choices between multiple options including one is capable to clear everything on the disk. If you choose the wrong option, you will suffer partition loss after the reinstallation of the system.

  • Factory Reset your system: Most of the brand PC offers a feature that enables the user to reset a device to factory setting. This process can restore the desktop or tablet to state it came out of the factory. So, you will lose all the crucial data on your local disk.

Trustworthy Solution to Recover Erased Files From Hard Drive

There is no direct method available to restore lost or deleted files from a hard disk partition. Thus, users start searching for a reliable and smart solution to accomplish the task. One such application is SysTools Hard Drive Deleted Data Recovery Software. It is designed in such a way to restore permanently deleted data from any hard drive within a few simple clicks. Moreover, it is capable enough to retrieve corrupt or lost data from external as well as the internal hard drive. Also, it consists of numerous feature that makes the recovery easier and quicker without any data loss. It has a brilliant user interface that even a novice user can use it without technical expertise. Here are the following steps that will help to restore deleted data from hard drive:

  • First of all, download and run the SysTools Software on your desktop

  • Select partition to recover erased files from the hard drive and then, click on Scan button.recover deleted files from hard drive

  • Now, choose the folder from the left pane and after that, you can view the complete data. It will also provide Item Count

  • Next, you can view complete data from the selected folder. All deleted files are marked redrecover deleted files from hard drive

  • Select File(s) or folder that you want to recover and click the Save button to start saving all the selected solution

  • Choose the location from Browse for Folder screen that appears and click OK button to start the Export Process

  • After completion, you will receive a Dialog box “Export process completed successfully”. Press Ok and proceed further.

Let’s Wrap Up

After considering the above scenario, we have introduced a reliable solution, i.e., SysTools Hard Drive Recovery to recover erased files from hard drive. It is a powerful tool with impeccable features that seamlessly works to restore permanently deleted data from disk. Additionally, we have explained a step-by-step procedure that will help to recover lost or corrupted data from the system drives in a trouble-free way.
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