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Las Vegas or Sin City is undoubtedly a famous tourist spot in the United States. The Most Famous thing to do in the city includes gambling in the casinos, getting wasted in the bars, See the Barrel Vault Canopy at the Fremont Street Experience and enjoy with your group. But apart from these, there are a lot of things that you can to do when you happen to visit this city. So what are you waiting for? Get to the city with the most amazing flying experience at American Airlines. 

Have a look at the amazing things that the city has for you. 

Neon Boneyard

The neon-lit the night sky of Las Vegas is one of the iconic sights of the 20th century. It is the peculiar mix of the burlesque, kitsch, and retro-modern that has marked the visual identity of an age. Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO) is behind many of the most recognizable neon displays from the golden age of Las Vegas casinos. This Salt Lake City-based company has maintained a storage yard in Las Vegas for decades. This three-acre plot has, over the years, become a veritable graveyard of disused neon signs. It is the final resting place of some notable pieces of Vegas history, like the original Aladdin’s lamp from the first version of Aladdin Casino, Binion’s Horseshoe, Silver Slipper, and the Golden Nugget. There are over 150 decommissioned, non-restored neon signs at this location. In 2005, the La Concha Hotel, a Paul Revere Williams design, was moved up the street to serve as the museum’s visitor center. Get American Airlines Flights to the city now and add more fun to the city.

The Pinball Hall of Fame

This place is a treasure trove of bright flashing lights, dinging bells, and furious button-pushing. The place is located not far off the Las Vegas strip in an unassuming building. The Pinball Hall of Fame is adored by locals and travel enthusiasts alike. More than 200 games fill the warehouse; mostly pinball, but there are a few sports-themed games, some great get-the-ball-bearing-in-the-right-hole games, and one strange safe-breaking game, ranging from around the 1940s era to modern-day. A few games cost ten cents per play, most cost 25¢, and the newest pinball games cost $1. The seed for Pinball Hall of Fame was planted in 1972 in Michigan when a 16-year-old boy purchased a used pinball machine and charged the neighborhood kids to play it. Tim Arnold grew up to operate a number of arcades in Michigan and did well enough that he was able to “retire” to Las Vegas in the early ’90s. By the time he decided to make the move out to the desert, he had amassed around 1,000 pinball machines in various states of refurbishment, bringing every last machine came with him to Las Vegas. Tim spent the next 20 years working on his machines and holding “Fun Nights” for locals in the know. Folks would come to play the games, and Tim donated the money he made to charity. American Airlines Reservations are the place where you can get great discounts to book travels to the city. 

DIG This

One of the newest attractions of the Las Vegas Strip isn’t another resort or another casino. It’s not another restaurant or deluxe shopping mall. No, the newest addition to the Strip is an adult playground of sorts. Dig This is a construction-based theme park conceived by New Zealand-born Ed Mumm, who realized that operating a rented excavator while building his home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, was a lot of fun. We wonder if more people could have access to these big construction tools. Well, now they do. Mumm first opened Dig This just outside of Steamboat Springs in 2007. The site operated successfully for three years, but Mumm decided it was time to bring this project to a larger audience. Las Vegas is one of the most visited destinations in the U.S., with up to 40-million visitors and 5,000 conventions a year. It costs at least a couple of hundred dollars for one of the Dig This experiences - consider the insurance that the company must have—but, once inside, Las Vegas tourists can try their hand at some of the heaviest equipment around. The five-acre theme park, which cost about $1 million to build, has ten employees, a large office building, a gift shop, and more. Among the machinery that Dig This has on-site are a pair of Caterpillar D5 track-type bulldozers and three Caterpillar hydraulic excavators. After going through a 30-minute training and orientation session, guests can spend hours digging trenches up to 10 feet deep or building large earthen mounds. There are also skill tests, like moving 2,000-pound tires or carefully plucking basketballs from their resting place on top of safety cones. American Airlines offers great discounts on flights to this city. 
The Simpsons House

Constructing a version of a house from your favorite cartoon home in Real Life seemed like a tremendous promotional idea back in 1997, but years later the Simpson’s House in Henderson, Nevada, looks like just another pre-fab subdivision two-story, save for all of the fake animated flare built into the facade. In 1997 a joint promotional contest saw Fox and Pepsi raffle off a fully-realized replica of the cartoon house that Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson call home. Constructed in an otherwise nondescript housing division, it took a close inspection of over 100 episodes of the Simpsons cartoon by the builder to get every detail just right, and it shows. There are a large garage and the bay windows that are arranged just as they are on the show. There is the front door with its irregular arched top and the slightly popped out bricks on the chimney that evoke the show’s simple animation style. Even the chimney itself is completely for the show since a fireplace is the last thing on the minds of the folks living in the sweltering Nevada desert. When the home was unveiled, it was actually painted the same loud garish colors as are in the show. The interior was also completely recreated with the exact decor that can be seen in the Simpson home in the show, right down to the front room couch and the pink walls. Simpsons creator Matt Groening even dropped by at the unveiling to draw an image of Homer into the cement path in front of the house. 

A place as amazing as Las Vegas requires a travel partner that is equally amazing. Now you can get even more benefits and discounts if you opt to travel with American Airlines Miles, which is one of the best rewarding system initiated by any airlines. 



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