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Kokusai Express Moving

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We are a company that provides help and support to clients for years in each part of their relocations. Based in Japan, where clients come from every part of the world to live, we are aware of our clients' needs. You can rely on us in each step of your relocation. We are one of the best Japan logistic companies to hire for business relocations and importing of the goods. Thanks to our experience, we will quickly and without trouble prepare documents for customs clearance and involve professional logistic partners to organize the relocation properly. With us, you can start with moving much faster and without barriers or problems. We are skilled in providing many unique services like exhibition cargo, making many troubles to our clients. After years of experience in this field, we can help you organize particular goods from beginning to end. Our educated workers could help you in collecting needed documents and preparing the paperwork for the customs clearance. After that, we will provide you the best packing materials to protect your items from damage or any other problems. It is a job that only professionals should do, so make sure that you believe in a company that you rely on. You can rely on us and ask whenever you need to know. We are confident that you have any questions for us, so do not hesitate to visit our offices and talk with our employers. We will gladly explain everything you need to know.



When organizing domestic moving, you surely need to rely on professional moving like Kokusai Express Moving. There are a lot of reasons why we are on the list of best moving companies in Japan. We are sure that you will need the cooperation of a professional and dedicated to the relocation. We are a highly skilled company established years ago, strongly organized to prepare relocations professionally and in a short time. If you need to choose a good moving service in Japan, then you should rely on a company with long experience in organizing relocations and transportations to clients from all over the world. Managing global forwarding for our clients is our specialty, and we approach each client that respect their time and plans. Our goal is to make our clients satisfied, and we would do whatever it takes to make it efficient. A long list of our clients shows that we are on the right track. We organize relocation from the beginning, including preparing the documents, packing, and protecting each item for moving. We want to be recognized as a professional company with only highly educated and skilled workers dedicated to clients’ needs. We will help you prepare for transporting your stuff, no matter how complicated that process is. There are no complicated processes for us. We will do paperwork instead of you, and we will also explain the whole process and make sure that you have prepared for it properly.


We are a company that is strongly dedicated to clients’ needs and problems. If you need to rely on professional logistic company Japan, you should call our phone numbers. We have a great list of services, and together with our workers, you can choose the best moving service in Japan that could help you. Thanks to us, you should not worry if something goes wrong. Our workers are skilled and experienced in organizing relocation and transportation, so you should not have any troubles.


When your stuff could damage, you should take good warehouse Japan to keep them away from dangerous situations. In those situations, you should rely on professionals that know the job. We have reason to claim that our storages are the best option for you. You can put your stuff in our spaces knowing that we would do whatever it takes to protect them from damage and loss. You can be sure that we will defend them carefully like they are ours. Check why our clients call us professional moving company Japan.


Address: 24F, World Trade Center Bldg. 2-4-1 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-6124, Japan

Phone: (+81) 3-5776-1191

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