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Tips to Get Cheap Moving Quotes

To get a cheap moving company quote is an art. We here discuss tips to help you grab cheap moving quotes.

Last week, Cherrie my friend called me to enquire ways to move to Virginia cheap. She was worried as the movers she approached were quoting a high amount wanted me to suggest her ways to relocate cheaply. Her moving budget was reasonable but being an amateur, she got almost panicked after talking to a few movers.

The moving company quotes, she felt, were beyond her budget. I gave her a few tips which I think will help you as well when moving the home interstate. Let’s see how you can go cheap to the new home safe and hassle-free.

Take home only what you need

Moving is a long process. However, I have noticed that almost everyone assumes it to be a two-day process. Shed that belief and start planning for at least 2 months. You need that much time. Ask why? Because you need to declutter the home. The less the volume of items at home, the less will be the moving company quote.

When you start cleaning up the home, you will realize that almost half of the items are no more required at the new home. Sell them off by holding a yard sale or through online stores. You can give a few among them as a charity. Take the receipt for donations as you can use them to get a tax deduction. Similarly, the amount you gain via selling off the stuff can be used for moving purposes.

Compare quotes for a better deal

Negotiate hard to move cheap. Negotiation is the mantra to get a cheap moving company quote. Never limit yourself to one or two movers instead get a minimum of 6 moving company quotes. The more you grab, the stronger will be your position to bargain.

Analyze each quote deeply to understand what’s mentioned in each and how each quote is different from the other. You need to take a look at whether something needs to add further in the quote or should be removed.  Discuss with the company how much can be negotiated. Maybe cutting down a specific service that you don’t need will reduce the quote.

Connect different moving companies online

Research online for companies that offer good moving quotes. Analyze the online moving company quotes to understand which one will work better for you. However, ensure not to hire a moving company just by analyzing the quote online. You need to ensure the website is genuine and the address and contact numbers provided on it are correct.

Cross-check every detail including the local address. Make sure that the customer feedback section is having positive comments. This makes the company a trustworthy name.

Chose an off-season date to move

If you are not stubborn about the moving date, select an off-season – between November and March. Usually, people prefer moving in summer and during this period, it is highly expensive to move. Weekends and public holidays are also expensive.

When you choose to move in winter, the chances to get a cheap moving company quote are more. Similarly, the second half of the month is also a good time to relocate the home.

Ask the mover to decide the date but in exchange for a lower quote

Till now, you were thinking about a quote for a specific date. But ask the mover to suggest a date for you to move. Agree to the date but in return ask him to compromise on the quote. Most movers will agree to this formula.

Hire a mover as early as possible

You need to make up the mind about hiring a mover as early as possible as the chances to grab a good deal are brighter. When you make a last-minute deal, the moving company needs to tweak the schedule to add you in and this can be expensive.

Moving cheap is not a big deal but you need to know the art of moving. Plan early and act smart. You’ll relocate the home safely and cheaply.


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