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Kraft Paper Bags with a window: features and benefits

Craft Paper bags serve more than just a practical function. For business, such packaging is an effective and inexpensive advertising medium.

For the production of packaging Kraft Paper bags with a window, medium density kraft paper (95 g / m2) is used. It is made from natural brown or bleached long-fiber softwood pulp. Select the required sizes of the craft bag with a window here. The glued-in transparent window is made of BOPP film. For the production of biaxially oriented polypropylene film, the primary raw material of polypropylene is used, which consists of carbon and hydrogen atoms. For gluing the seams, starch-based glue is used. All materials are safe for food contact.

Paper bags with windows are designed for packing sets of sweets, gingerbread, cookies, nuts, dry mixes, tea, coffee and others.


  • Craft Paper bags with a transparent rectangular or rounded window are used for packing tea leaves and coffee beans. The package contains from 50 g to 200 g of goods. Used for retail sale by weight.
  • Storage conditions: in dry ventilated rooms at temperatures from +15 to +30 degrees Celsius. Relative air humidity - from 10% to 70%.
  • Doy-pack kraft bag has a transparent window on the front side of the package. In addition to kraft paper, there are additional layers, the total density of which is 112 microns. It is equipped with a zip-fastener for easy opening / closing.
  • Such packaging is used not only for food products, but also for industrial products.

History of the paper bag

Craft Paper bags have been the main packaging in the trade sector for centuries. Traditionally, woven and jute bags have been used to pack and transfer goods from manufacturers to retailers. And the shopkeepers then used paper bags to distribute goods to end consumers. Paper bags are still used today by small retail chains such as pastry shops, bakeries and grocery stores.

However, in the 20th century, the contribution of Craft Paper bags to business and trade gradually declined due to industrialization and the boom in plastic packaging. In fact, for the past 5-6 decades, plastic has ruled the global packaging industry.

The consequences are well known to all. We have witnessed the harmful effects of non-biodegradable waste on the environment. Bottles and bags have filled the oceans, soil fertility has deteriorated due to plastic deposits in the soil, animals and fish are suffering.

Until the 90s, these important problems were discussed mainly in scientific articles and at world summits. But in the past few years, the effects of pollution have begun to take their toll on all of us.


Thick Craft Paper bags made of coated paper are suitable for packaging various purchases in stores, souvenirs, products. Their advantages were appreciated by numerous business representatives - they advertise their companies with their help. This method of promotion works - any image is applied to a bag of coated paper, such advertising is noticeable and attractive. Logos, photographs, text information are printed on the packages. Chalk paper has a density of 150 to 200 g / m2, the average level is 170-200 g / m2).

There are several varieties of it :

• Blind embossing produces a deep pattern. Such a relief can be applied by a mirrored metal cliche and a press.

• For foil embossing, both monochrome and holographic foils are used. The image is embossed and metallized;

• Relief embossing produces a convex image. For such embossing, a two-piece cliche is used, which is the most difficult to make.

Although many works are performed on the TS-800-T machine, manual labor also plays an important role in embossing. Therefore, such products have a high price, but they also look chic.

Advantages of advertising on paper bags:

• Wide audience coverage;

• Long duration of action;

• Creating a positive impression about the manufacturer and maintaining its image.

Types of paper bags :

1. Vertical. This package is universal. It is suitable for grocery and bookstores, oversized gift wrapping, daily use. Both a small logo and a large drawing will look good on the surface of the bag .

2. Horizontal. Capacious horizontal bags are convenient for packing large-sized products, outerwear, and smaller bags for cosmetic sets, books and souvenirs. Advertising looks most effective in the central part of the package.

3. Bags for a bottle.The purpose of this package is clear from the name. This convenient package is indispensable in alcohol stores and when giving drinks as a gift. In simple wide bags, bottles fall and break, with a special narrow bag you will avoid this, and your gift will become beautiful and appropriate.

Packages made of paper and cardboard - pros and cons, manufacturing features

Paper bags have found their application in many industrial areas. They are used for packaging agricultural products; it is convenient to pack salt, cement, powder, talc and gravel in paper. And souvenir Craft Paper bags are ideal for luxury cosmetics, perfumes and even shoes. In connection with the increasing popularity of natural environmentally friendly products, the demand for paper and cardboard bags is also growing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Craft Paper Bags

What are the advantages of a paper bag:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • high load resistance;
  • invariability of form regardless of the degree of intensity of use;
  • porosity, due to which the paper bag is able to provide air exchange;
  • the material completely excludes the appearance of mold and the growth of bacteria;
  • ease of disposal;
  • affordable cost in relation to containers made of other material.


  • the packaging is rigid and angular;
  • low lifting capacity;
  • insufficient strength;
  • exposed to moisture and other adverse natural factors.

Despite the listed negative aspects, the demand for paper packaging is growing almost every day.

What are Craft paper bags made of?

The most popular manufacturing materials include kraft paper.

What else are paper bags made of:

  • Offset cardboard is a glossy coated material. The cardboard bag has good density and minimum porosity. Logos and color images look great on this surface.
  • Coated offset paper is very smooth and is often used for colored packaging.
  • Efalin - has the same density as craft, but its texture and colors are more diverse.
  • The most expensive packages are made of designer cardboard, but this does not change their popularity. There are more than a thousand textures in designer cardboard, a rich palette of colors. All this makes it an exclusive material. If you need to make a gorgeous presentation of the product, then designer paper bags are what you need.

How are Craft paper bags made?

In order to understand how Craft Paper bags are made, you need to consider the entire production technology. Paper for paper bags is made in several stages.

What is the production process:

  • The first stage is the production of a paper tube with several layers. This blank is glued. If this is a mass industrial production, then a special glue unit is used for this purpose, in which the glue is kneaded and fed to the gluing line.
  • The second step is to apply a decor or specific design.

Methods of printing on Craft paper bags on paper bags

Logos and images are made in a variety of ways.

The methods of application include:

  • Silk-screen printing. Used when it is necessary to apply a small pattern. It is applied to an already finished product that was released in a small circulation (no more than 1000 pieces). This method is not suitable for full-color prints, since silk-screen printing cannot fully reproduce halftones.
  • Offset printing. They are used on a product scan. Suitable for large print runs.
  • Flexography. This is ink printing due to flexible forms. It can be monochrome or multi-colored. Suitable for large editions.
  • Embossing. Applies only to paper sheets. The circulation is unlimited.
  • Making stamps - this type of printing is one of the most expensive. This service is offered in large cities or for corporate clients.

Types of post-printing Craft paper bags

After the material for the bag is ready and printed, it is assembled. Paper bags are collected, glued or stitched.

The stitched products are considered the most durable. They are reusable. Taped models are simple but reliable options. Naturally, stitched packages will cost an order of magnitude more.


Recently, there is a trend all over the world - people give preference to items made from natural materials, natural fabrics and organic products. Despite the fact that the sale of polyethylene temporarily reduced the popularity of paper packaging, today they have become relevant again. Bright and attractive, durable and economical, and most importantly, environmentally friendly - all this can be said for paper bags.

Craft Paper bags: features and benefits

A paper bag is a type of packaging that is growing in popularity every year. It is designed to carry relatively light and dry items, and there are no longer any restrictions on use. Paper bags are most often used as a convenient and presentable main or additional gift wrapping. Such products must be present at the points of sale of souvenirs, elite alcohol, perfumes, toys, clothes and many other gifts. Craft Paper bags serve more than just a practical function. For business, such packaging is an effective and inexpensive advertising medium. With a stylish branded paper bag, you can quickly improve brand awareness in your area. It is this packaging that is most often used to form corporate image presentations.


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