Living in an Apartment Santa Ana? – How To Keep Pest Out Of Your Home?

Many people who cannot afford to live in villas and houses generally prefer living in apartments because of the affordability. An apartment also gives feasibility to live, play, and work without going too far.

Many people who cannot afford to live in villas and houses generally prefer living in apartments because of the affordability. An apartment also gives feasibility to live, play, and work without going too far. With easy access and commute to grocery stores, restaurants, and other markets, an apartment or flat is an attractive option of living for most if not all the people living in Santa Ana or other parts of California, Los Angeles.

Moreover, because of the multifamily nature of buildings, you have to share lots with your neighbors. You can share noise across the walls and floors, smells of your neighbors’ dinner and lunch wafting down the lounge. You may even come across a super lovely neighbor who shares a cup of milk and sugar when you are in need and vice versa. However, did you know you could also share some other living creatures with your neighbors? Yes, I am talking about rodents, termites, and pests.

Apartment buildings are among the most challenging structures when it is about pest’s and termite’s control. The proximity of the apartments and flats usually makes it difficult to locate the reason behind the pests’ infestation, and in some conditions, may even increase the outbreak. The apartment shares not only floors and walls but also other connected utilities that create the most natural pathways for the pests to travel. Additionally, pests are sneaky, and they can enter through sliding glass doors or opened windows, through ventilation slats of air conditioners, around windows without appropriate weather stripping and under entries lacking sweeps, potted plants, no matter they be indoors rooms or on an outdoor walkway or terrace can provide extra access to welcome pests.

Cockroaches, wasps, flies, bed bugs, birds, and rodents are only some of the pests that can outbreak any apartment and its environment. As it may appear like some of the pest issues are inevitable, people living inside an apartment can take a few steps in order to limit potential infestations. Here are 3 essential tips to keep yourself safe from pest encounter in any apartment building.

Carefully Inspect the Second Hand or Used Furniture

Second hand or used furniture may appear appealing and can be the best fit for the décor of your home. But, it’s essential to be careful while inspecting any used bed, cupboard, desk, dining table, chairs or any other furniture or fixture before bringing them into the apartment building because they can powder post beetles, harbor bed bugs and much more.

Check The Delivery Packages Carefully

Packages, products or posts delivered to your home is another opportunity for most if not all pests may hitch rides in through cardboard boxes that usually have an extremely long journey in order to get to their final destination and pick up these bugs at any point in the passage. Checkboxes before carrying them inside to limit expected infestations. Remember roaches love a good grocery package!

Carefully Check Your Stuff When Returning From Travel

Travelers are usually vulnerable to bed bugs, and they can unintentionally bring them when they return from their trip. Bed bugs can also be found in inns and hotels, various modes of commutation and also in few unexpected places such as retail stores, movie theatres, and the like, making it easier to bring them home unintentionally. As soon as you return back to your home, carefully inspect and vacuum your bags and suitcases before keeping them away until your next trip.

The tenants can also contribute to general pest proofing across their premises by following 7 useful tips;

  1. Regularly disposing of the garbage in sealed receptacles.
  2. Wipe down the kitchen countertops as well as sweep the floors in order to remove the residue and crumbs from spills.
  3. Vacuum the things once in a week.
  4. Keeping pet bowls neat and tidy and wipe up the spilled water and food around them immediately
  5. Store all the pantry food items and dry the pet foods in a sealed plastic container.
  6. Routinely check under the sinks for the areas of moisture.
  7. Repair all the leaky pipes

Residents of any apartment who see a pest in their premises or common areas must contact a facility manager if professional pest control is covered in their contract or should find one of the best termites and pest control service in Santa Ana to discuss the next steps.

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