Mafia III By Hanger 13 – Crime Is On

Once Mafia II had one of the most amazing stories, some of its game mechanics, like the weapons and vehicle handling, really let the game down.

Once Mafia II had one of the most amazing stories, some of its game mechanics, like the weapons and vehicle handling, really let the game down. Now, finally the Hanger 13 has revealed an announcement full of surprises which is about “Mafia III.” With the vibrant daytime environments, the dynamic lighting, and the powerful muscle cars all work together to provide a stunning visual experience within Mafia III .




Mafia III tells the story about a man named ‘Lincoln Clay’, who is an orphaned mixed race man who’s half-black & half-white. He has spent his life trying to find his family. It is 1968 and Clay has just returned form serving in the military during the Vietnam War. He has taken in by the “Block Mob”, but just as he starts to believe he has found somewhere he can belong. Clay vows to have his avenge and he surely has the means, the method and the training to do so. He finds three characters, which he recruits as his lieutenants for his own mob. He then makes plans to take out the Italians and take New Orleans for his own.


There are a few more new details about Mafia 3 that gaming players are sure to find interesting. First off, player decisions in Mafia 3 will affect not only the story-line, but the people and city around them. The brief bit of gunplay, car wreck, and explosion physics in the gameplay were fun to watch and will surely be enjoyable to experience. And while the gameplay only showed a couple different guns at work, there’s little doubt the game’s full lineup of weapons will please gaming players as they pump their enemies full of lead.

Mafia 3 is raw and sensitive. It rips the pinstriped suits, wing tipped shoes and slicked back hair from the romanticized image of organized crime, and takes it somewhere new with Clay.

Rare Replay makes it all accessible and helps you understand why it matters. This is the retro games compilation as a virtual museum, but if so it is the good kind of museum the kind that entertains and engages while it is busy educating. Rare Replay is an upcoming video game compilation developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox One. It is a collection of 30 video games all previously developed by Rare in celebration of the company’s 30th anniversary.


This presentation is a lot of fun, pulling you back to play and replay games that can, at times, be prickly or confusing. If Rare Replay has a fault, it is that it presents some of its oldest games with the bare minimum of instructions, making it a challenge to work out what you are supposed to be doing or why you are doing it even if you actually played the games when they first came out.

On the plus side, automatic saves when you quit and a handy instant rewind feature make playing them a little easier than it was back in the day, when checkpoints were non-existent and you were often expected just to keep practicing at a game until you could complete it in one sitting.

Where Replay really hits the high notes is when it gets to Rare’s nineties heyday when it worked closely with Nintendo. Banjo-Kazooie’s visuals have not aged well, but there were good reasons why it was so often compared to Super Mario 64, and those reasons still stand up today.

The same goes for its sequel, Banjo-Tooie, and for Perfect Dark; Rare’s spiritual successor to Goldeneye and a slick, entertaining shooter even now, despite its primitive graphics and over-use of lens flare effects Cleaning Company Names.


Rare has said there is still a possibility of adding more games to the collection via downloadable content. While most of the games run via emulation or Xbox 360 backwards compatibility, Grabbed by the Ghoulies was remastered to run natively on the Xbox One. The compilation was released for the Xbox One on August 4, 2015.


Not all the oldies are goldies and some of the earliest struggle to hold up, but any compilation that can pull in classic platformers, pioneering shooters and cult-classics like Viva Pinata and is sequel are worth your time. Replay is a celebration, and these are games worth celebrating.

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