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Magical Ideas to Decorate your Wedding Venue

Are you preparing for your big day? Have you booked the best wedding venues, Lafayette LA? Then, you must be fussing over how to perfectly decorate your Lafayette wedding venues.

Are you preparing for your big day? Have you booked the best wedding venues, Lafayette LA? Then, you must be fussing over how to perfectly decorate your Lafayette wedding venues. That’s because small decorative pieces and elements can completely change the look of your venue. 

If you have booked a Lafayette wedding venue similar to your best friend, you should play with the decor so that your wedding looks completely different from your friends. Nowadays, you have a plethora of different options to magically decorate your wedding venues. Some of the whimsical options to decorate your wedding venues are discussed ahead. 

Use Lots of Drapes 

With one piece of fabric, you can completely change the outlook of your wedding venues Lafayette LA. You can drape fabric on walls, ceilings, tables, or chairs in your reception venue and see a complete change. For draping purposes, you should only pick one shade of fabric. If you want elegant decor, you can try pastel color drapes like white, peach, pink, etc. But, if you want to play with vibrant colors, go for yellow, green, and blue. You can use small twinkling lights to enhance the beauty of your drapes. 

Style with Patterned Pillows 

If your Lafayette wedding venues have seating space for guests where they can leisurely sit and chitchat, you can decorate the lounge area with multiple patterned pillows. You can adorn the seating area with different shapes, sizes, and patterns of pillows to create a bold impact. With the simple pillow covers, you can add a nostalgic touch to your wedding venue. 

Seating Card Display 

For the convenience of your guests, you can create a beautiful seating card display board where you can add cards of seating arrangement. In your wedding venues Lafayette LA, you can add one new decorative element in the form of seating cards display board. It will automatically attract the attention of your guests and makes it easier for them to find their seats. 

Hanging Floral Arrangements

If you want to design Lafayette wedding venues with some magical ideas, you can hang floral arrangements from the ceilings. Placing flowers on the table is an old idea now; instead, you hang bunches of flowers over the table. This new look will create a wonderland theme for your wedding without much effort. By slightly changing the placement of flowers, you can make a great impact on your wedding venues. 

Chalk Boards

When you want to add little boho and modern touch to your wedding venue, you can ditch the printed cocktail signages and replace them with chalkboard signages. You can use old frames and spray them with some enchanted golden hues to create a unique cocktail board. For a soft touch, you can decorate edges of the board with some fresh floral arrangements and decorate your wedding venue in a stylish manner. 

Use Table Lamps

If you want to enhance the appearance of your wedding venue without investing in fresh flower arrangements, you can use different styles and types of table lamps to bring some height and freshness to your wedding venue. You can save lots of bucks on easily replenishable floral arrangements by using the table lamps. 

Use Herbs 

If you don’t want to use traditional floral arrangements, you can spice up things by using herbs. The herbs like rosemary, thyme, lavender can be a great way to decorate your wedding venue differently. To compel your guests to say “wow,” you can decorate your wedding venue with the natural herbs. 

You can increase the appearance of your wedding venue by replacing some of the traditional decorating ideas with some new and trendy ones. Just use some new ideas and organize your magical wedding instantly.


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