Make your Writing Skills

One of the ways of improving your writing skills is through reading. You should read content from a wide range of genres and authors as often as possible. You should, however, pay more attention to reading material from the genre you wish to write in or the topic you would want to write about and so forth. For the beginners, you may try and imitate other writer`s mode of writing, which you find amusing. When you come across a written content that has not been done well, try and analyse it and after that, suggest how the author would have written differently. Reading a wide range of materials is usually one of the best ways of improving your writing skills. If you want to become a great writer, you should practice writing as often as possible. When you spend enough time reading, you become familiar with great writing techniques as used by other authors. This exposure can play a great role as you write your essays since you can easily adopt the new methods and incorporate them into your work. For example, when you read a piece that has been written using fantastic wording, you can also try the same in your paper for more professional output. 

Write the Outline

Once you’ve got all the information together, it’s time to write the first outline.

Use both the information you’ve written down during the listening as well as those found during research. Make sure to adjust your tone and style of writing to fit the purpose. Academic writing requires following the right kind of a writing form and using academic vocabulary.

To make the whole essay even better, don’t forget to use as many technical terms as possible. You can find glossaries of musical terms to help you understand the topic better and write it using the appropriate vocabulary.

Once you write the outline, you’ve got most of the work done. Now all you need to do is polish the outline, adding more details or removing unnecessary information until you’re satisfied with the essay.

Ensure Accuracy

Apart from the fact that you need to use information which is 100% verified and your resources need to be credible, you also need to ensure your writing is impeccable.

Before handing in the essay, you need to remove any mistakes and errors you may have made during the writing phase.

Be sure to pay attention to everything from mistakes in spelling to sentence structure. It’s important for you to make your essay completely mistake-free since even the slightest mistake could make you seem sloppy and unprofessional.



The last step you need to take before handing your essay in is just as important as all the previous ones. You need to do the revision.

When you finish writing and polishing your essay, it’s best to leave it to sit for a day or two. Don’t read it for at least 24 hours. It will help you step away from the writing process and spot any mistakes or weak points once you come back to it.

When the time’s right, come back to it and read it once again. You could even read it out loud to a friend or a family member, to have a second opinion.  If you’re satisfied with what you read, your essay is good to go.

Final Thoughts

Writing a music analysis essay can be a piece of cake when you know how to handle it properly. Use the right resources and follow the writing process steps. Make sure to double check everything and revise until you’re happy with the result. We hope you will find these tips helpful when writing your next music analysis essay.


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