Marriage prediction: Find the love of your life with astrology

When will I get married and to whom? Get many more answers to such questions from the best astrologers & get your free marriage horoscope.

When will I get married and to whom? Get many more answers to such questions from the best astrologers & get your free marriage horoscope.


As per Vedic astrology, marriage is a very important factor in life and should be done under proper consultation from the best astrologers. Many planetary positions and zodiac signs are taken into consideration at the time of accurate marriage prediction. People who do not believe in it they suffer very drastic situations in their coming marriage life. To all these problems and if anyone in search for astrological point of view for marriage will get many details in upcoming paragraphs.

Is a marriage horoscope that valuable?


Before we know whether it is valuable or not let’s know what is marriage horoscope? It is nothing but the chart that contains the planets in the houses according to the planet's position during the birth date, birth time, and birthplace. There are many planets and houses in the horoscope but some are good and some are bad as per their positions.

As per the marriage horoscope by date of birth, the 7th house is considered to be the favorable house for marriage and Venus is better as the planet. For men 7th house and Venus planet is taken into concern for finding perfect match whereas in female both 7th and 8th house and mars planet is taken into concern for finding the perfect match.


Answer to most asked question: when will I get married and to whom?


If you are in the marriage age and still searching for a life partner then you are in the correct place as the above question “when will I get married and to whom”. This is the most asked question to our astrologers. Some face love marriage and some get arranged marriage as well. You might be thinking all this is in your hands. But I want to clear your astrology has a lot different to say on this.

As per love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth free online for love marriage 5th house and planet Rahu, Venus and Ketu are responsible. The 7th house is responsible for an arranged marriage and planetary bodies like Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn.


Solve your Late marriage problem with marriage prediction by date of birth


Late marriage is a very common problem in India nowadays. The real cause to is as per survey is not getting married incorrect age. This problem is solved by our marriage age prediction by date of birth free online service you will get to know about the accurate marriage age, time, and date. Astrology has different point to late marriage, if the planets are misplaced in the horoscope then it results in late marriage.

Some common problems as per accurate marriage prediction by date of birth free for late marriage are:

  • Unable to find a correct partner: Not getting a correct life partner at the correct age leads to the problem as well.
  • Career and job factor: As time advances, we forget about marriage and get attached to our career and job to have a better future this leads to late marriage.
  • Financial factor: money is the main factor in every aspect of life if you are not that financially capable then no one will marry you this is mainly taken into consideration during the search for a male candidate.
  • Love life problem: if you are in love with someone and he/she is not willing to marry you then it also leads to late marriage.


Know more about our new service: Second marriage prediction free


Nowadays, the second marriage is a very trendy culture in India. People face problems in their marriage life and get separated. Then after they go for second marriage without any consultation and fall with many more issues. As per the second marriage prediction free, 2nd house of the horoscope is important for the second marriage. If the lord in the second house is strongly placed then it is beneficial for second marriage.


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