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Marvel And DC Clash: Will This Ever End?

Joker's life is a mess, and he does not stop by becoming the most notorious criminal of Gotham. He has allies and companions, too, which have helped him due to his strong manipulation skills.

The neck to neck competition of comic book superheroes is not uncommon in this era. From elementary school classrooms to boardroom meetings, fans are present everywhere you turn around. They have argued for years supporting their favorites, but there has never been a definite answer. 

Whether it's for Celebrity Halloween Costumes or the strength of these characters, the debates keep getting intense with every new installment. In the last two decades, the number of superhero films has significantly increased. Simultaneously, the hordes of fans have gained numbers as well. Not a single day goes by when you can steer clear any Marvel or DC related posts or fan art. 

If you are trying to avoid becoming a part of this crowd, you are only depriving yourself of some quality content. Marvel vs. DC debates has only brought us top class entertainment in the form of new characters with qualities that will leave your jaw hanging. Each character has depth and a background story that makes him or her such a perfect hero. When you think you know all about a character, the creators bring out a detail you have missed. The fascinating stories are interwoven!

In his Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Peter Quill JacketPeter Quill is a heartthrob with his handsome looks. He has his league even in Marvel because of his brought up, lineage and history. His father's betrayal, his rowdy companions, and losing his love interest all have given him an empathetic side that is mostly missing in other superheroes.

Peter and Gamora's couple is very dear in the hearts of their fans. Gamora belongs to an extinct race, which makes her even more rare and unique. She might have belonged to another race, but her heartbeat with the ferocity for humans. She has exceptional war ground skills acquired from elite training and has an immense talent with her chosen blade. 

On the other hand, Marvel has quite a number of anti-heroes too. Venom Tom Hardy Leather Jacket has gained equal attention compared to Spider-Man Jacket (he hates Peter) in recent years. Venom resides somewhere between good and bad and will never shy away from hurting Spider-Man. Marvel is known for these complex relationships within its characters, which spikes the interest of its fans! 

There is no doubt that both these franchises have their fair share of die-hard fans and similarities despite their differences. Marvel excels in the lighter and less brooding side of the entertainment while DC is more extreme, dark, and dangerous. DC has some epic villains that have made a permanent legacy in their fans' hearts and minds. 

Leading the list is none other than the vile and sinister Joker with this iconic wardrobe, including Jared Leto Suicide Squad CoatMultiple actors of different ages have portrayed the Joker's role. None of them failed to deliver the quality these franchises pride themselves over! Apart from the chaos Joker brings, he has given Batman a run for his life with his antics. 

Joker's life is a mess, and he does not stop by becoming the most notorious criminal of Gotham. He has allies and companions, too, which have helped him due to his strong manipulation skills. His psychiatrist from the Arkham Hospital, Harleen Quinzel, aka Harley Quinn, has a similar fan base, if not more! 

Harley Quinn Bombshells Jacket from Suicide Squad is a stellar piece that resurfaces before any cosplay convention. The bubbly and cunning personality of Quinn is what makes her such a fascinating anti-hero. Although she is seen single in the latest film, she makes sure everyone knows that she is still lethal. 

To match her level, you would have to become a ruthless genius. There is no doubt that both these universes are jam-packed with heroes, villains, and anti-heroes, making life interesting and exciting. Alas, this debate is a part of the entertainment and will not rest for some time!

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