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Millennials Jewelry Choice for 2022

Are you a millennial? If yes, this write up will help you to understand the trends of Millennials in jewelry fashion. Also, you will get advice related to jewelry styling. So, buckle up and let’s begin

Anyone born between the 1980s to 1995s is Millennials. They are the kind of people who prefer to shop offline and prefer quality over quantity. They want to make sure that every penny they spend is worth the product they are getting in return. Still two-thirds of the millennials prefer shopping in retail shops which shows how cautious they are about quality. Millennials' purchasing power is also very sound. Any business that wants to cater to millennials must know about their preference.

And when it comes to buying jewelry, it must be best from the rest. Here we have listed down some of the jewelry accessories and their styling type that millennials wear. 

The best choice of jewelry is available for millennials 

1. Rings – Traditional rings options are not preferred by most millennials. They want to convey their own story through their unique ring. Even though their budget is very limited, it doesn’t stop millennials from experimenting with different designs with their rings. Nowadays, millennials are more inclined towards moissanite rather than diamond, which is the popular and economic choice for millennials' engagement rings. Moissanite Is a very clear and brilliant gemstone which makes it a perfect substitute for Diamond. It offers the same durability as diamond and costs very less as compared to diamond. Most Millenials prefer Silver rings, gold plated 925 Sterling Silver


2. Necklace – Millennials have their ways of buying jewelry. Millennials are not looking for Jewelry with big diamonds for specific occasions, on the contrary, they want something minimalistic for regular things like dainty jewelry, pearl with a twist, or a small pendant. Going minimalist not only reduces cost but also gives you a plain and simple look. Wearing the lariat necklace will be a good choice in consideration with the necklace. 

3. Bracelet - Going metallic is one of the major jewelry trends but heavy metal bracelets are not an ideal choice. As millennials believe in minimalistic fashion so they don't fall for heavy metal bracelets. They want something less heavy and more stylish. Simple and trendy bracelets are a popular choice among people of any age. There is an option for customization available in this kind of bracelet. Charm bracelets are one of the jewelry accessories where dull gold is best as it gives a vintage look. 


4. Earring - Millennials prefer streamlined jewelry with geometric patterns, glowing gemstones, and stacks of minimalistic jewelry. When it comes to earrings there are plenty of options with plenty of different shapes available. Dainty earrings are more preferred these days by millennials as they are lightweight and stylish too. They cost less than other jewelry. Although there are many shapes available in earring categories like heart-shaped or nickel free earrings. You have the freedom to choose the color and size of the heart earrings as per your comfort. 

Moreover, Millennials' choice is quite great with light jewelry preferences or even gold plated jewelry which is affordable. Now, let us look down on the Jewelry advice for Millennials before buying any of them.  

Jewelry Advice For Millennials

1. Check the quality of jewelry

Whatever from the above categories you choose to buy, you must ensure that the quality of your jewelry is top-notch. Firstly, you need to consider the weight and size of the stone. The depth and the saturation of the color whether they are natural or not. Whether they are free from any inclusion or cracks. You must also check the quality of the metal used. Whether it's alloyed or pure metal because sometimes they use low purity gold and silver to make it look sturdy enough to wear.

2. Affordability

One must check the affordability of anything which they are planning to buy. In terms of jewelry, you need to be extra cautious as you might not get the exact value of jewelry in exchange for what you are paying. Price has a direct correlation with the quality of the diamond. If you are considering Silver or gold plated jewelry that are quite affordable. In terms of gold jewellery you can have options like 14k or 18k gold jewelry. And in case of silver you can have 925 sterling silver or pure silver jewelry. 

The making charges and the creation cost is less as compared to the diamond jewelry. Therefore silver and gold plated jewelry is the best option in the market. 

3. Aesthetic Design

Millennials have a different set of preferences than any other previous generation. They are more concerned about value, sustainability, and ethical production. In my opinion, they should try a collection of aesthetic jewelry. As it matches perfectly with their preference. There are many options to do a fusion with the silver and gold jewelry wherein aesthetic designs can be created easily. 

Aesthetic design gives value to the jewelry and it can be used as a heirloom to the coming generation.

4. Versatility

One must consider the versatility of the jewelry before buying. By versatility I mean the jewelry should fit well whether it's the occasion or your workplace. Versatility of the jewellery depends totally on the type of environment and the fashion. For instance if a person wears it on a professional meeting or going to a date night it must be the same jewelry. 

5. Maintenance

When cloth fades you don't think twice before replacing them. If your handbag starts to show signs of tear you immediately look for other brand options available. But jewelry is an entirely different story. Generally, there are many people with sensitive skin and any jewelry does not suit them well. Even the jewelry requires some kind of care to have a long life. Therefore, silver and gold jewelry is the best option because they are soft to the skin and give a perfect combination of elegance and creativity. 


The world is ruled by new generation millennials. The influence is so much that organizations have started giving special products to millennials. Every brand whether it's fashion, technology, or jewelry has a proper plan to cater to the huge demand of millennials. Millennials don't want something eye-catching or bold; they want something simple, sleek, and fashionable. Millennials must consider the above five points mentioned to choose your jewelry as we all are spending our hard-earned money to buy jewelry.




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