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Jewelry You Need for a Circuscore Look

This write will help you gain an in-depth knowledge of the recently flourishing "circuscore" aesthetic and what kind of jewelry goes with this look. Prepare to include a lot of animal and geometric motif trinkets in your jewelry box.

Since the beginning of 2020, the "Circuscore" trend has been all over the internet. And its influence and popularity do not appear to be waning. Circuscore, like emo or goth, is not a new phenomenon. However, because fashion trends are recycled, one of these styles becomes immensely fashionable every couple of years before being replaced by something different. And now is the time for circuscore to shine. 

So, if this look's unusual makeup, bright clothing, and dramatic jewelry have piqued your interest. And now you want to dabble in this fashion trend and try the look for yourself, then you've come to the right place. It is also okay if you are not that active on social media. And haven't heard much about this fashion fad. Because we will not only give you advice on what jewelry, clothes, and makeup to don, but we will also take a deep dive into the circuscore culture and explain what it is all about.

What Is a Circuscore Look?

So we are guessing those of you who have not heard of it before, probably imagine a clown from a kid's birthday party or a circus. Or just Ronald McDonald, the famous mascot of the fast-food chain McDonald's. The image of creepy wide smiles, red noses, and puffy hairstyles is probably what's floating around your head. If you are thinking all these things, let us tell you that circuscore is nothing like that. The look is mostly about over-the-top, vibrant makeup, color-contrasting clothing, and bold, statement-worthy jewelry. Just like a captivating triangle necklace.

This creative yet eccentric aesthetic started its journey toward becoming a fashion craze all the way back in 2015. The starting point was when Abby Fiscus and Olivia Galov threw a series of clown-themed parties. They gave out free drinks to anyone dressed up like a sad clown. That event was the catalyst that led to the circuscore style becoming an internet sensation.

Why Is It Popular Now?

Even though it seems like from 2015 to 2022 is too long for a fashion trend to continue. And to stay in popularity, there is a reason for its ever-growing appeal. Gender-blurring and escapist themes are at the center of the look. And that is what makes it so intriguing and attractive to the crowd. With quirky outfits, striking jewelry, such as the aforementioned triangle necklace, and color-popping makeup, one can easily escape to a world of fantasy and fun. Leaving behind the brutal reality of the past couple of years. And since the style is not gender-based, anyone can flaunt them. And show off their inner creativity.

Where To Take Inspiration To Get The Look?

If it's your first time trying out this style, we recommend starting small. Maybe just a yellow and orange top with red trousers, some crimson highlights. And a smile pendant necklace or a triangle necklace. But if you want to embrace the circuscore look with all its glory, there are plenty of influencers on Instagram and TikTok to take inspiration from. There are many passionate and dedicated members in this community who regularly post circuscore content on various platforms. 

A Little Bit About the Circuscore Aesthetics

One of the great things about the circuscore aesthetics is that it's highly immersive. And there are a variety of options available for you to have some fun. You can choose a bright color and go for an upbeat clown look. Or you can also choose a monochromatic color scheme that will accent a sad clown look. Since there aren't a lot of rules to circuscore itself, you can also mix other aesthetics like punk or goth with it to create your own distinct look.

What Jewelry To Wear To Complete This Look?

At this point, we hope those who didn't know about circuscore have now got a general idea about this fashion fad. And those who already did, we hope you now have a better understanding of the whole thing. So with that, let's move on to certain pieces of jewelry that go perfectly with this style. Because let's be honest, the makeup and the outfits are the easy part. It's the jewelry where it gets a bit confusing on what exactly to wear.

1. Colorful Items

Vibrant color is the main factor here. Be it make-up clothing or jewelry, everything has to be either colorful or the complete opposite is a monochromatic shade. Either way, the color scheme of everything has to match up. For example, if you are going for a sad jester look, the color of the jewelry has to match with your black and white makeup. So, instead of wearing gemstones, you should wear anything made of white gold or platinum, preferably with a matte finish, and set with diamonds. You can again select the triangle necklace design. But buy one that is made of white gold.

On the other hand, if your mood calls for a happy, upbeat clown, you need colorful jewelry to mirror the overall feel. For example, you can get yourself a couple of eternity rings. Like a pink sapphire eternity ring, a green one, a blue one, etc, and wear them all on each of your fingers. Or all in one finger to create a stacked look.

2. Quirky Statement Pieces

Let's be honest this whole style falls on the quirky side of things, so obviously, it would require quirky, statement pieces of jewelry to create a desired eccentric vibe. Items like safety pin earrings, thick link necklaces work wonders for the whole appearance. You can go for a couple of gold oval link necklaces like a 16 inch 14k gold necklace, a chain link bracelet, and a stunning set of gold paperclip earrings. Wear the matching set of jewelry with a polka dot shirt and black leather pants. Then accented the ensemble with bold stroked make-up. You can also dye your hair pink or wear a wig with this look.

3. Animal Motif

When we think of clowns, we see them making balloon animals for entertainment in our minds. Clearly, this image is very prevalent. And balloon animals are very firmly associated with images of clowns. So much so that you can not think of one without the other. As a result, many clown cores love to wear animal motif jewelry to embody that popular image. If you love animal motifs but don't get enough chances to wear them with your regular outfits, this is your chance to flaunt them. You can go for an enigmatic set of gold snake studs.

4. Geometric Patterns

Geometric pattern jewelry is one of the most popular types of circuscore jewelry. Three of the most common shapes for this aesthetic are oblong, square, and triangle. As a result, you can select a magnetic triangle necklace or an exciting pair of square drop rose cut diamond earrings. You can also mix and match different shapes to create a more chaotic look.


There have been many genres in the fashion world that have come and gone. And, if the circuscore style is any indication, we may expect many more fascinating looks in the future. So, while we wait for far more outlandish things to pop up, let's appreciate this present fashion sensation with all of its enticing jewelry options. And lastly, if you have coulrophobia, this might be the perfect overexposure therapy for you.


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