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What to Look for When Shopping for a CBD Vape Pen in the UK!

Vaping CBD is the most effective way for CBD to enter your internal system and so the best option if you are looking to feel the effects of the CBD more quickly.

Vaping CBD is the most effective way for CBD to enter your internal system and so the best option if you are looking to feel the effects of the CBD more quickly. This is particularly useful for many people who suffer from extreme medical conditions such as epilepsy or severe anxiety and may need a quick dose of CBD to immediately suppress symptoms. 

There are two types of CBD vape liquid you can get (which one you pick will depend on the type of CBD vape you are / want to be) and this will determine the type of vape device you need.

If you are looking to vape CBD more regularly throughout the day, it is probably best to pick a less strong CBD e liquid (they usually range between 5-10% CBD) where the effects will be much lighter. This is made from the same liquid base as what people traditionally vape when vaping non-CBD: e liquid (a blend of PG and VG). But, rather than the PG and VG base being mixed in with flavouring or nicotine, it has been mixed in with CBD (hemp extract) and natural terpenes for flavour. As such, to vape a CBD e liquid, you can use the same device you would use with any other e liquid. 

If you are looking to vape CBD less regularly, and to feel more of a hit when you do, I’d suggest you go with a CBD vape oil. This is also the healthiest way to vape CBD which is particularly important if you are already a bit concerned about vaping, but are doing it as it works best for your symptoms and gets the CBD into your body more quickly. A CBD vape oil is just made from hemp extract and natural terpenes - so no cutting agents like MCT, PG or VG which some people believe may be potentially harmful to inhale. So CBD vape oil contains no additional or unnecessary chemicals. However, due to the more concentrated, sticky nature of the CBD vape oil it does not work with any old vaping device - it requires a CBD vape pen. 

A CBD vape pen is a type of vaping device that has been designed specifically for smoking oils and more concentrated extracts. This is because it is a more powerful device that is able to heat up the more viscous CBD vape oil.

A CBD vape pen in the UK is what would be called a marijuana vape pen in the US. Reason being, in the US (depending on the state!), cannabis products can be derived from either hemp or marijuana - hemp being CBD dominant with negligible amounts of THC and marijuana being THC dominant with all the other cannabinoids present. These types of vape pens even though labelled by type of cannabis are the same - they are vaping devices that are able to heat up oils and extracts. It would be more accurate to refer to them as a CBD vape pen in the UK or a cannabis vape pen at a stretch given CBD is derived from one of the two main offsprings of cannabis - hemp. 

Although, I said earlier that you will require a different device depending on which CBD vape liquid you decide to go with. If, like me, you like to switch between both and worry about the expense and faff of having two devices - I have just the solution for you and it is one of the cheapest vape pens I’ve found in the UK (but with some of the best hardware)! I recently came across the Paso vape pen that works with both CBD e liquids and CBD vape oil because of its pre-heat functionality and variable voltage setting. You just pick your choice of 510 compatible CBD cartridge and screw it in! 

Do let me know if you have any questions on the above - hopefully it managed to help you understand the CBD vape pen a little more.

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