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Most Important Mathematical Idea in Stock Trading with Telegram Channel

important mathematical idea in stock trading

Like the mathematical concepts are used in everything including finding out the clues to the crime to winning the championship games, in the same way, mathematical concepts are too helpful for recognizing risks and probabilities in the stock market.


With the use of the advanced mathematical system, you can calculate the probability of events. This is more helpful in the stock market to the traders for minimizing the likelihood of losing before a certain date or other precursors. it works like insurance.

Losing Less Often

The meaning of successful trading is 100% accuracy. The unsuccessful traders are right only half the time they are best. it simply means that getting profit on only four or five of every 10 trades can put trade ahead, depending on how much was won against how much was lost. Mathematics with patience builds stock market wealth more reliably than "big score" attempts.

Gaussian Laws vs. Power Laws

Gaussian laws of mathematics are based on the calculation of random fluctuations of uncorrelated entities. Therefore with this concept, we cannot predict the sudden crashes. On the other hand in Power-law, calculates how changes in the value of one quantity affect another quantity, such as how a company's value affects stock prices in its industry. This helps the traders to calculate the standard deviations to better understand potential risks and allow them to buy and sell accordingly.

Quantitative Analysis

Quants are the name given to the traders who use quantitative analysis to make any financial trades. The computer bases quantitative analysis helps to know how amount and quantities are related to each other. To know the most most common mathematical model used by trading houses. The field includes algorithms, which study patterns of behavior in entities of financial sectors. The calculations help to know the potential risks ahead also an over-reliance on quantitative models and algorithms can lead to wild speculation, imprudent investing and "flash crashes"

Best Telegram Channel for Online Stock Trading

If you want to give your financial knowledge to boost, SMTI India presents you with Telegram channel that you can follow to get all the latest investment and financial content with a wide range of topics including current affairs, discount codes.

In place of WhatsApp now the telegram channels are booming up with unique properties of unlimited server storage, convenience, the privacy of not detecting the phone numbers in groups and the function of chat in multiple devices simultaneously like in smartphone and computers

Adding to this the users can join the telegram channels to receive the updated push notification on the latest investment and financial news on phones and computers

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The information regarding stock market fundamentals and technical analysis

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The stock market telegram channel helps you in getting information related to the share market or stock market. It is always a good option to make your analysis and research as all cannot give the results you want. Everyone does their research and shares their views but I hope my stock market Telegram channel will help in getting more information. Apart from that, you want to know.

What are the benefit of the Telegram Channel? Here is a list of benefits

  • You will get free alerts for bank nifty traders.
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  • You can also get mutual funds to relate news
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  • Gives details about the Intraday, Positional, BTST, Fno Calls
  • You can go for fundamental and technical analysis
  • You will get live updates of the market
  • You will get an idea on when to enter with stop loss and target price
  • Get an idea of technical charts and fundamentals
  • You can also access the old data
  • You can have AGM notes
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  • You can have an interview with amazing investors
  • It offers free options, Index options, cash future calls.

Many stock telegram channels provide good calls. But sometimes their call did not work properly. You can come across losses. As most of the stock market telegram channels have a premium membership. Although most of the trading channels are good for saying but can’t guarantee anything. You need to make your research.

You must watch calls for 5-7 days and if you find them more accurate calls and can follow them.

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